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Question for Peek

Hey Peek - gotta question for you - for the past two weeks - I'm having pain that starts at the pubic bone and runs back into my hooha area and at times feels like its going up inside me.  I asked the doctor about it this week - she said it was just the pubis symphysis (sp?) moving - by the end of the day, its very uncomfortable and seems to radiate into my back - my tailbone area just feels like something is out of joint and rubbing - I've tried to read a little about it - some sites say its normal - others tell you that if you aren't careful you can problems forever and ever leading to erectile dysfunction (lol - kidding) and everything else under the sun.  So question is - how much of this is normal and any suggestions for pain relief?  We're just happy to be at twenty weeks and would like to enjoy this rather then being uncomfortable.  

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Peek is out of town until early next week. I don't know if she will make it to the library on her vacation, but I will let her know her presence is requested ; )

Anyway, your doc is right. As your pregnancy progresses, relaxin is released into your system causing all of your joints to loosen to prepare for the rest fo your pregnancy and delivery. One of the main areas that needs to expand is your hips and the pubic area causes the most pain.

You will want to keep this in mind as your pregnancy progresses. Pregnant women are prone to injury in their joints as a result of relaxin production. As you go on, you may also notice sciatica pain going down your bottom as well as an almost constant ache in your pelvis as the round ligaments continue to stretch to support your expanding uterus.

My advice is to invest in a good body pillow (or two, in fact brylanehome.com has pregnancy pillows on clearance!) and warm baths helped me the most.
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whoo hoo - warm baths - that's some advice I can take - thanks for the great advice Andi - at this point, anything helps.  I thought at first I had pulled a muscle as the discomfort comes and goes.  I have been reading some articles as well that chiropractic care can help with some relief - so I think I'll call my chiropractor on Monday and see what he can do.  I just figure it can't hurt anymore then it already does.  Thanks again for the great advice!
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thanks Andi, I was wondering where peek was!!!!!!!
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She is getting some much needed R&R, she sounded so relaxed today versus the stress I have heard in her voice for the last few weeks. She should be back early next week, with her laptop on tow : )

I hoe you get some relief. I have a herniated disk in my low back and pregnancy was especially tough on me. I took warm baths and slept with 2 body pillows to help. Tylenol occasionally offered minimal relief. In the end it is worth it ; )
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thank you! Im glad she is resting!
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