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Question for Pertykitty and Lynne1276, are you OK??? massage/contraction question...and anyone-a snack question!

Perty-You mentioned you were a MT...I used to get massages pretty frequently w/ my dd(maybe once a month in the last few months), And I don't recall having contractions. At this point, I have not had a massage in months. Someone mentioned to me that pregnant women should NOT have massages, as they can bring on contractions. Is that for all pregnant women, or just the ones that are close to giving birth? I am almost 17 weeks, is it safe for me, or should I not even bother to schedule an appt.? Just thought you would know~thanks, bops

On a side note, but so as to not open another thread, Lynne are you OK??? You never posted after you said you were dizzy and were experiencing high BP the other day...I hope you and you baby are well, I got a little worried for you when you did not post if your bp came down or not. Let us know if your ok!! I have been thinking of you~bops

Also, I was wondering if any of you ladies have a good idea for a nice light snack to have at night before bedtime. I usually get so hungry between dinner and bedtime. I would like to find something light and not to heavy, as I am starting to experience heartburn now...I have been eating fruit and rice cakes, but it is getting old....I am in a pregnant-snack snag!! Ideas??

Sorry to ask so much in one post, but I did not want to open 3 seperate threads, you know??
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I was wondering about lynne, too. I hope she's okay!! Also, about the snack question; I like the Quaker snack bites and/or yogurt. Either that, or those small bags of trail mix with peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds and M&M's. Or what about a banana? Those are some smaller snacks I eat. Oh, just thought of the crackers, too. You know those packages of crackers with cheese and peanut butter? Those are good (:
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I got a message when I was about 16wks. You just let the MT know you are pregnant and they are taught what areas to not be rough with and things like that. As for snacks... I'm in your boat too. Fruit gets really old after a while.
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For a snack try the different brands of flavored crackers, I can't remember the specific brand but they taste really good!
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I had a pregnancy massage at 36 weeks preggo and i started contracting that night. I went to the er the next day and they sent me home...this was on a saturday. The following Tuesday, my daughter came, but I had low fluids is why they took her, not sure if everything had to do with the massage or not. I remember with my first pregnancy, I was on my honeymoon in cancun and we got a couples massage, I told them I was pregnant and they rolled me over on my side and massaged me. It was very uncomfortable because the sheet kept slipping down and exposing myself...i vowed never to do that again, plus the lady s*cked!!! As for snack foods, i couldnt tell you because I am not even hungry right now, I am going through a loss of appetite stage! Good luck
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I didn't see Lynne's post about the high bp! I have her email...I will email her and see how she is doing! My gosh I feel horrible for not seeing that! I know she is really busy right now too with work and moving so that may be why she hasn't been on!

As for a snack.......I eat a bowl of cereal at bedtime or a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is good for helping you sleep, too. I would try either of those as they've not given me much heartburn at all! (And I'm the heartburn queen lol)
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i just wrote this and then it disappeared!! ahhgg! i was worried about lynn too. i hope she is ok, just busy or resting.  i heard eating a cup of oatmeal before bed was great, i think i read it might help you sleep too.  i havent snacked much late at night. i lay there hungry sometimes, but i ignore it, too lazy to get up lol.  as far as massage goes get one!! there are some things for you to know first,  make sure the therapist has been trained in prenatal massage, not just decided to read a book  and give it a try.  if you feel dizzy or nauseated it could make it worse temporarily.  there are pressure points they need to avoid as they can bring on contractions. make sure they know where. hands,ankles, achilles tendons.  certain oils are not good, but they are the types of oils they dont typically use anyway unless its an aromatherapy session for a specific treatment. if you have any health issues you need to get an ok from your dr first, normally a therapist wont treat you if you have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure due to pregnancy, severe swelling.  oh im sure i will forget something but i have a headache right now!! i need a massage horribly.  im off to lay down with ice on my head, i have been suffering from headaches lately  darn it!
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