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Question on bleeding after miscarriage

I had miscarriage toward the end of Dec of 07. stoped growing at 6 weeks, but didn't start really bleeding until 10 weeks. My questions is, after all passes and everything, i am still bleeding but its dark brownish color, when i asked my dr about it she said it was "old blood" how long do you bleed for after a miscarriage?? and how long after should you start your period again? when i told the dr i was still bleeding she said it was old blood and it will flush when i have my next period and if i felt up to it my husband and i can start trying again... I sometimes also feel a little crappy like i am going to start but then nothing... so my body is all out of wack and i am just trying to make sense of it all.. any help would be great...
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Hi, i also had a miscarriage in Dec (mine was the 4th) and am sorry to hear about your loss.  After i passed everything (naturally, no D&C) i stopped bleeding heavily that day and only spotted for a further 2 days.  I then had to wait 6 weeks 2 days until i got my period. They say that if you mc naturally you should get your period back in 6 -8 weeks.  I also did alot of reading at the time about waiting for your period and trying again etc.   Most articles said that you have to stop bleeding completly (including spotting) for at least 2 weeks before you can consider any further bleeding to be your next period.  I also read that if you continue to have cramps and bleeding for longer than 2 weeks starting and stopping that you may have some tissue left behind that could cause infection.  Don't want to worry you but just something to keep an eye on.  You seem to be in contact with your doc so as long as she is happy then try not to worry, just keep it in the back of your mind if it continues.  Good luck.
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