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My question is: Is it possible to feel quickening in your 4 week of pregnancy? This is my 3rd pregnancy. My 1st I miscarried, 2nd I was carrying twins (had 1 healthly child, the other was disapearing twin syndrome). Now here I am 3rd pregnancy and only 4 weeks along and having quickening symptoms. I have read some web sites and all sate this happens in your 12 week of pregnancy. Should I be worried or concerned? Is this normal? I dont have an appt with my OBGYN till the end of the month should I wait?
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No, you do not have quickening this early.  

Quickening is not even common at 12 weeks, although you will have some women respond to say they felt it that early.

You might have some other symptoms you are interpeting as quickening, or you are much furthur along (months furthur) than you think.
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all through out my last pregnancy I felt all kinds of things that I just knew was the baby even up till the last day.  Once he was born, I continued to feel many of the things I thought was baby.  I am sure you will agree that once you are pregnant that is all your mind will go to.  Any thing you have is related to the pregnancy...at least that is the way I was.  Keep in mind this baby is not even the size of a grain of rice.  It is not even detectable in a u/s.  
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Not possible, the baby at that stage is smaller than a rice grain so, no.  
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most likely gas bubbles
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