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RSV is going around....

I had to take Aubree to the doctors today and yup you guessed it she has rsv... the doc. said its going around like crazy!!! poor thing couldn't even breathe out of her nose... : (  We have to give her breathing treatments every 4-6 hours .... shes soo miserable.. its aweful..     the doc explained it to me as the infant version of bronchitis...  
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That was going around my son's daycare for a while this winter.    

Sorry your little aubree is going through this..   hope she is feeling better soon.  
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does she get a synagis shot or do just preemies get it?  i know it's reallyyy expensive, but thank god our insurance covers it.  our micropreemie got just it a week after he finally got discharged from the hospital, and had to be readmitted.  they just wanted to monitor him because of his situation.  however, it was a reallyyyy mild case because of the synagis!  he just got his 3rd and last synagis until rsv season starts back up again in october.  the good news is, rsv season is almost over.  unfortunately, our little ones got it at the very end. :(  i know it's still out there even when it's not in season, but it's not as bad...
hope your little one gets better soon!!
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my son had rsv at 5 months he had to be hospitalised,,,hints,,,elevate the head of her crib you can do this by placing pillows under the matress and ontop of box springs,,use a cool mist vaporiser in her room......if she gets really croupy sounding stand in the batroom hold her...turn shower on full blast hot shut door..let the room become like a sauna the mositure in air will relieve her lungs...leave when the water rurns cold....your not standing in the shower just in the bathroom....also cut her formula with water for a few days and encourage juice ....too much formula does increas mucous..

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