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Re-thinking baby's name! Opinions?

OK. So, we started out wanting this baby to be Alexander (Lex for short--Max and Lex). Then I read that Alexander is the #6 name in the US right now, so we switched to Owen Gregory. But, I just keep thinking that I still like Alexander. DH is NO help and likes them both equally as well. Which would you pick?
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Forget the Alexander and just go with Lex Charles.
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I love Owen. I wanted my Blake to be an Owen but I thought it was too popular at the time :)
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I'm not in love with Lex (that's dh's nickname)--I LOVE Alexander! But I also love Owen, so I'm stuck in a rutt!
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I love the name Alexander. If we have a boy this time, his middle name will be Alexander. I don't pay attention to what's popular or not. If I like a name, I stick with it (for the most part!) =)
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I just have an issue with the popularity thing because my first name is Jessica. I graduated with 7 other Jessica's. Sooooooooooo, I don't want something that everyone has already. But, I'm scoping out the local hospital baby board weekly and so far we're ok! lol
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Yea I know what you mean, Jessica is still pretty popular. I know at least 3 Jessicas.
lol..so maybe you will be able to stick with Alexander afterall, if it doesn't all of a sudden become too popular. We like biblical names, and they are not always popular. Unless it's a name like Rebecca...My husband loves the name I'm on the fence about it, but I have 3 friends with that name and I hear it all the time now. I couldn't do that to my daughter (if I have one) lol...so I know what you mean!
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i love alexander. its my second DS middle name.
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OMG Ruby!  When is that baby due again?  :)  We are kicking around some name ideas already but DH is being of no help either and says its bad luck to have a name so early.... Bleh, I am just so excited as I am sure you are.

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you can go to the social security website and they list all the most popular baby names for the last 100 years. It's a great way to check out the popularity of a name over time.
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I like Alexander, but I LOVE Xander or Zander.  Or, as someone else said, you could just go with Lex.
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Well, I think I'd pick Owen.  I like the sound of Max and Owen better than Max and Alex.  Maybe that isn't a good reason, though...?
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I voted Alexander, but what about combining? Alexander Owen?

Not a fan of Gregory or Charles....but I do love Alexander (That was in the running for names if we had a boy, though GAbriel was tops. Still will be if we ever decide to have another and have a boy) and I do LOVE Owen. That is what I would go with...

Lex, I would not use for a nickname. It reminds me of that villian, what it from superman or , maybe wrestling, lol?? Lex Luger....Anyway that is what I thought of. Also, Alexa, Alexis, and ALexia are all popular girls names right now and I often here people w/ those names 'Lex" or "Lexi"...(One of my friends has a dd named Alexis and that is what she calls her, Lex)
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I love the name Owen right now, It is one of our top picks....Owen Matthew....Love it!!
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Or Owen Alexander!
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I really like the ring of Owen Alexander.   My daughter used this site below looking for a name. She had a girl and went with " Courtney Lin " now 4, who is learning to print it.
The right name will come to you.  When are you due?

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My middle name is spelled Jessica, but my mom came over from Ireland. So my name is pronounced  Jess-seek-ah. So the pronunciation can change a name too.
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We'll definitely be keeping the middle names---Gregory is my dad and Charles is my grandfather who passed away, so no switching those up. I don't like Alex for a nickname (because I know alot of them) and we have friends with a Xander---and he's bound to be called one or the other by somebody, so I think we may just stick with Owen.
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Funny...over a year later coming back to read this. We went with both middle names that I had posted: Charles Gregory...Charlie for short! And it fits him to a T. :)
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Hi rubyolivia! ;) I was just looking for a "like" button for your comment. Der...

I love the name you picked! You thought you would just stick with Owen, hehe! I still wonder if you secretly hated me for even considering the name Owen! Still can't believe we had our boys a day apart! Also still can't believe they will be one in less than 3 weeks. Time flies, and this time I am not wanting to let go of my baby, but it seems they are nearly toddlers now ):
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I like Owen Alexander
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