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Reactive Airway Disease

My 9 mo old was in the hospital last night because she got a cold that moved into her chest.  The congestion was making it hard for her to breathe.  She was diagnosed with reactive airway disease (RAD), which I guess is similar to asthma, but since they can't test for asthma at this age they call it RAD.  Anyway, this is the second time since September that she's been in the hospital for this.  Poor kid can't get a common cold without having problems breathing...

Does anyone else have experience with this?  We have a dr's appt today to discuss options for treatment.  Just wanted to get some real life stories...

Thanks for your help :)
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Yes-two of my girls had RAD as a result of a virus. They both for the most part outgrew it but they did need nebulizer treatments when they were little. They still do wheeze a little bit more when they get a cold, too. RAD is usually triggered by something. Usually a virus.
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My boys too.  Carson got pneumonia at 11 weeks, Cameron got RSV at 10 weeks.  We were pretty much screwed from then on.  Carson outgrew it by 3, the weren't sure he would due to family history and how bad it was.  Around 2 it was much better and only triggered when he got sick, by 3 we were done and haven't had to neb anymore, he's 4 now and doing great.  He's got a bad cold, but his airways are fine.  Cameron is 9 months too and we have had a tough time with him.  He sees a pulmonologist and his RAD gets bad with anything he gets.  We all got the tummy bug and Cameron ended up getting pneumonia from it.  Everything attacks his lungs, it's tough, he just got over tonsilitis and ear infections midmonth and now has RSV.  He chokes and gags so much it's scary, but we are hoping he outgrows it.  He has been in the hospital too for his breathing and to be monitored, his pulse ox level has been lower than they wanted, so we go in regularly to the peds office and he has had so many xrays too.  It should get better, and if it doesn't, they will be able to treat it.  I would be careful of things that trigger it, I vaccuum alot since we have a dog and cat, and use prefume free detergent on clothes for us all.  His pulmonologist thinks his acid reflux triggers alot of it, so we hope he outgrows it too.  Till then he's on a high dose steroid inhaler till we get past the cold/flu season, he takes 3 meds for reflux, we neb and he's on Singulair.  I feel so bad for him, but can't wait till we get out of this season, summer should get better.  Hang in there, you aren't alone.  Hope your little one feels better.
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My oldest had RSV when she was young too...and therefore similar breathing problems.  She too has outgrown it and she's 3 now.

My 9 month old's name is Camryn too (but she's a girl) :)  They tested her for RSV last night but it was negative.  She also had the stomach bug last week and now this.  So they are very similar.

Her doctor put her on oral steroids for 5 days.  Once that is finished, then she'll be on pulmicort every night and Singulair once a day until April.  Then we'll re-evaluate and see if she needs to continue that.

I feel better that you're on a similar med schedule.  thanks for the info!
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my 2 month old has rsv he had it bad we had to stay a day at the hospital then they send us home after a couple of hours because his breathing was fine its a bad virus his fever was 103 hes better now plus he had an ear infection so they give him antibiotics for that
i hope ur baby gets better your in my prayers i know its the worst when your kids get sick it breaks my heart
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Oh yes, plenty of experience with this and my five year old daughter!  Any time she gets any type of cold germ, RAD rears its ugly head.  Hers began around age three.  She gets to the point where she coughs and coughs until she vomits.  When we are at this stage there is nothing we can do but get a script for oral steroids.  Since age 3 she has been using a nebulizer daily.  She has Pulmacort as her preventative neb med and albuterol as her 'rescue' neb.  The albuterol is used in conjunction with the oral steroids (prenisolone usually).  I wish I could say its gotten better in the almost three years that we've been dealing with it, but I can't yet.  In fact she's shown more asthmatic signs recently with some exercise-induced wheezing and coughing.  She is young for it, but she took the pulmonary function test last month and came back with normal results, although she wasn't at all sick at the time.  That suggests no asthma, but just last week we were at the doc again!  We came home with at least 5 different meds for her in addition to her nebulizer.  Now the dr. believes that her sypmtoms may be triggered by allergies, so we are just beginning daily Flonase (sinulair gives her a tummy ache and claritin a headache-common reactions in children), and she is taking Flomax as her steroid preventative inhaler and using inhaled Xopanex before phy ed each day.  We still keep the faith that she will 'outgrow' this!  I've heard many people say their children were much less symptomatic as they aged.  Good luck to you!  The best advice I was ever given regarding this came from our last ped when we visited with him before we moved.  He reminded us to stay on top of this-that prevention of attacks was key.  He also said not to ever accept less from her-for example, that she couldn't run as far or as long as other children.  That that would never be 'normal' and to 'fight' anyone who ever suggested to us that she would/could/should do less because of the asthma label.
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My 3 month old was just diagnosed with RAD...this is my first child and I have never heard of this before...anyone got any info on what I have to look forward to and possibly what I can do to help relieve him of this....
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I have a 5 1/2 month old who is in the hospital right now secondary to what they are thinking is RAD.  I had also never heard of it.  He had RSV and pneumonia about six weeks ago for which he was hospitalized and came home on oxygen for ten days.  He seemed to be doing better and then 4 days ago got sick again.  He is inconsistent in his response to albuterol and oral steroid (prednisolone).  It is so awful to see your child struggling to breathe.  We are going to look at seeing a pediatric pulmonologist and allergy doctor as well.  We have a 5 year old with asthma but she never had this level of difficulty.  Good luck to you and your child!!
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Hi JenShim my little boy was in the hospital when he was 2 months old,with wheezing,he was put on a nebulizer with Albuteral inhalent,the infant mask that came with the machine as he got older he hated it,so i went out and bough a dinosaur mask and he loved it,but now that he is 2 yrs.old he is on Singulair now and does great, knock on wood !! But when my son had it,they told me to take a sheet and make a tent over his crib,and run a cool mist humidifer close to the crib so that it was keeping his lungs moist,and it worked great,just like we did when he was in the hospital.I hope this helps,but my son had it really bad,the Doctor said his son had it and he grew out of it ...

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