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Red Itchy Raised Bumps on legs, fingers and mouth..

My daughter got a two bumps on the bottom of her foot that we attributed to ant bites while wearing sandals. She got a pimple near the corner of her mouth that resembled the bumps on her foot. A couple of days later, after I got out of the shower and took my second day of zithromax for a sore throat, I started to notice immediately 2 bumps on my hand, three bumps on my other hand, two on my foot and two in my mouth on my tongue. I don't know if this is a cross between a dermatological problem or an oral problem. I have never had a reaction like this while taking the z-pak, however, I am allergic to Keflex and Sulfa. My daughter is 16 months old, and cannot tell me much about the onset of her condition. While I was pregnant with her, I had several incidents of staph infectionous boils on my bottom. I had never had that before I was pregnant and haven't since I've given birth. I am wondering if this is something specific to our sharing the same genetics or what.. This is just freaking me out. I can't even seem to find out what these bumps are on my tongue. My mother used to call them 'lie bumps', when you tell a lie, you get one. They are painful. Since my daughter is getting 5 teeth in at once, she is very reluctant to let anyone mess around in her mouth, however, she just went to the dentist last week who found everything to be just fine. The bumps occured after her visit. I am very concerned, any clues? I've ruled out bed bugs too, by the way, and I know that I haven't been bitten by any ants or bugs. Thanks for your help..
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did you recently change laundry soap, bath soaps, or shampoos? sounds like what happens to me when i use a cetain kind of laundry soap... never got one in the mouth though...
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My Son got the smae kind of thing, and ended up giving it to me.  The doctors call it Hand, Foot And Mouth...Literally.  It is little bumps that apear in those areas.  My son started out with it and then I got it also.  The isn't anything you can do or the doctor can do, it just has to run it's course like a viral infection.  If this is what ya'll have got, just be patient and it will go away.  Hope you two get to feeling better soon.
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my son also had that it was hand foot and mouth diesease. it only affaects those areas and i had to take him to the doctor for it. his was extremely bad, and it is highly contagious. best get her to the doctor.
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Your best bet is to see a doctor
since both your daughter and yourself have them sounds contagious, dont rule out chicken pox either!
They are raised red bumps, itchy, (blister like) can appear any where, my daughter had them in her mouth, legs arms, bottom and front, every where!
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Thanks ladies, I went to the doctor today and yep, that's what it is.. here's a link..


I appreciate your help.. Luv yaz !! :D
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