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Reliability on Utrasound on Early Pregnancy

How reliable one could be on Utrasound(u/s) and your physician reading it right? When your physician does not want to read or observe a pregnant's physiology rather relying on u/s and not reading it right or providing you with confusing results, what one can do about it? Is not medical science enough old to determine this aspect of important human matter fairly accurately? Pregnancy is common to everywhere from North Pole to South Pole and one of the most important subject matter for mankind to pay serious attention to it. Yet doctors even today seems to have not adequate knowledge on this issue. Should they go for a different kind of study and think of a different kind of technology to understand pregnancy in a better manner? What's your opinion about it?
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First of all, the u/s is something they use to "guess" the age of the pregnancy as well as to see if there are any visual physical problems with you or the child. As for the physican, if you are not completely trusting of the doctor, you should find you another one that you CAN feel comfortable with. You having stress because of the relationship with your physican CAN cause problems with your physcological and physical wellbeing. As well as the fact the embryo reacts to your physical issues also (such as racing heart, increased blood flow, oxygen increase, and hormone increase). Not every doctor is right for every patient. You just have to find one you feel comfortable with. I am a nurse and a mother of 4. I hope this information helps you.
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Thanks for the cooments. There is no issue with the doctor. Issues are in general - that is now a days doctors do not pay attention to pregnants PHYSIOLOGY! Rather they rely on lab tests (U/S, Blood works, etc..). Even doctors are not reading or understanding tests results right in many cases. Sometimes they blame on technology - like X-Ray, CT Scan, and so on, you know. My point is then what doctors are actually doctoring? A person with good common sense can tell you if technology is better, for instance, CT Scan is better than X-Ray. Like when ask, could you tell me whether Monalisa (picture of Leonardo) is smilling or crying? Then it is up to the observer to find out by looking at the picture. Is not it?
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Not_doctor,  I'm trying to understand what you are asking but I really can't tell.

Is this a question about something discovered on an ultrasound that you believe is incorrect?  Do you have a very specific disagreement with your doctor about some perception (conception date maybe) of your pregnancy?
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Rose, basically as I said in the second line "issues are in general...". I came thorough personal experiences and therefore came up with the earlier mentioned. I think, in general everyone of us experience the same whether we notice it or not. Other thing I emphasised that human PHYSIOLOGY is mostly ignored in modern medical science! I picked up pregnancy because it's importance is paramount for mankind development, and recently I experienced how doctors treat that in evaluation of pregnancy. In my opinion, medical science should have done better than they are doing today.

In this website there are many, many pregnant women who were made confused by their doctors, and when you go to see a doctore they even do not have enough time to listen to you - because they are busy - because, now a days, they are like any grocery store!
Even pregnancy was denied in one case by a doctor until the period it was said yes by a lab test after 3 days later. Those three days were not funny at all. Doctor was told about the physiological changes - the old wisdom, but no avail.

What you think? Are you happy for the way the medical science treats you and your loved ones in general?
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