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SAHMs... What is your daytime routine?

i majorly lack organizational skills and a lot of times find myself not having time in our day to do things we want or need to do.  what do some of you ladies, that stay at home, do during the day?  do you actually have a schedule you go by or do just go w/ the flow?
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hmmm i go with what works for that day lol.  my 10 yr old keeps my day busy since his school is a bit away and i drive a bit, but we try to keep a routine when it works.  as far as the house stuff goes, sometimes it is clean as a whistle and others it looks like a hurricane hit.  i was so uptight and freaked by mess (maybe i have issues lol) but i am learning to understand what matters most and what works for us as a family.

sometimes i clean in a quick hurry when dh is home spending time with kids and i get some alone time in.  sometimes i do it when she naps but as you can see im here instead haha.  it just depends on what is best for you and the kids.  my ds was scheduled to a T, but was in daycare so they got that instilled in him.  now that im home, im not so worried if the nap isnt happening at the right time.  
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I am on the move from morning till night, I am home all week and work 12 hour shifts on the weekend, between cleaning and taking care of twins and spending quality time with them my days are full, I do go to the gym daily from 5-6pm. after that its back to work go to this web site, www dot flylady *******, it has some great orginazatiional skills    
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I'm not a SAHM any more but we used to stick to some minor routines. We mainly went with the flow except for lunch time, and nap time. I wanted those at the same time everyday so the kids always new when lunch was and when nap was.
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I stay at home with my two girls. (2yr and a 10 month).  We tend to go with the flow.  Except for naps.  I live in a small community so our options are somewhat limited.  We do however go to the library often, 3x a week.(They have a story time one day a week).  We also have a playgroup on Fridays.  In the winter time the library is a lifesaver for me.  It's a nice set-up and we usually can meet friends for some time out of the house.
My dh works a 10am-7 shift so I have a chance to workout in the mornings.  After he goes to work we usually run errands after dd wakes up.  Then home for lunch then nap again.  Afternoons tend to be the hardest if it's not pretty weather.  We spend alot of times checking out little local museums!!
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i guess where my problem comes in, is that we aren't mobile during the day.  we only have one car and dh uses it to go to work (unless someone has a doc appt).  so we all get stir crazy in the house.  we play outside and inside but we're all just BORED!  and when i get that way i tend to loose my motivation a bit!

babyprayers-  i went to that website and did my first "babystep"...  i shined my sink, lol!  (of course i had to do the dishes first!)
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I can understand the getting "bored".  There's only so much you can do when immobile.  

Build tents-I pull out all the sheets from the closet and turn my living room into one big tent. Both girls love crawling around underneath it and can keep them occupied for quite awhile.(Could be an age thing)
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I have heard of women who have a month's worth of menus scheduled out and know exactly what groceries to buy for them, etc.  That is un-doable as far as I'm concerned; if I had such a list, something would come up and the food would not all be bought or something else would impede being able to follow it.  I tend to instead have have a set of (not too challenging) daily goals (like, Augie not still being in his pajamas at ten a.m., having a nourishing lunch sometime in the noon hour, and him having a nap) and count my day successful if I can get those done and also get in a shower, before 6 pm.  We also have a rotating group of responsive things we do as needed, such as, if Augie is having a tired and fussy afternoon, I take him somewhere in the car (in hopes he will either benefit from the change of scene, or nap), or if he is hyper, take a walk, or climb up to the attic and back a couple of times, or dance.  It is hard to get in even part of the things I used to take care of for the household while also watching Augie, I do rather look forward to him being in preschool because I have the idea I will be able to get the piles of paperwork on my desk taken care of by then.  Ha! ha! ha!
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thanks angel!  i forgot that is something that is fun and easy!  (and it does not involve barbies, lol!)

i try to do more "big kid" stuff w/ the older 2 once peyton and nolan are napping...  but like today, sometimes i can't get peyton to go down for a nap and nolan didn't nap well today either.  so now i have 2 very overly tired little ones in addition to my 2 crazy big ones!  :)
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Sounds like lots of fun chaos!!!  We also play jungle...Everybody gets a jungle animal in the morning then for the day they have to act the part.  ex. lions.  do a lot of laying around soaking up the sun but have to roar when their hungry.  It's sometimes fun when they try to ask for what they want still in character!! But if they pick a squirell they're busy all day gathering their nuts and storing them.  Not sure, the oldest ones age but, it still can be fun b/c they actually have to think about what a squirell had to do to survive.  
We play really silly games at our house!
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well, i had a routine up until my son was 1 1/2, ( he is almost 3 now). he is an early bird getting up at 6am since he was 2 months old, and not going to bed until 10pm...my mom lives maybe 30 steps from my front door and this is were we spend our morning from 7am till 10am (my lil brother is only 9 1/2 months older than my son so they like to play together), then we go home for some down time and just look at books, draw. etc. then lunch and nap time. while Dylan is napping i clean the house, and spend some time on me. then after his nap if it's warm outside we go outside to play or go for walks which he loves to do since my neighbors own horse stables and he gets to see the horses. usually the rest of the day he does his thing, but i think were i had a routine he still kinda sticks to that! we have been preparing him for school because he will be starting pre-school in august and that will give me some more time to do other things until baby #2 arrives in october. i hope to try a routine with this one as well!
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for the boys our routine is the same....everyday.

8 am - wakeup (no matter what time they go to bed at night.....that's wake up time for them even if i want to sleep in they wake up it's like inner clock work i wish would break)

8 am - 11 am - we watch movies (they love ice age, national treasure 1 and 2, cars, ratatouille, darknight, iron man, and a lot more) and play (with toys, rolling on the floor or if it's warm outside we roll around in the grass)

11 am-11:30 am - is lunch time.

11:30 am - 1 or 2 pm - nap time

2 pm-5 pm - more play time

5 pm - 5:30 pm - dinner time

5:30 - 6:00 - bath time

8 - 9 - bed time (unless there is a hockey game on then bed time gets pushed to 9:30 or 9:45 if there is ot. we have little hockey/football fans. they are most definately their fathers children. lol. 7 months old and obsessed with sports. eli actually yells during the games at the right times and screams if we try to put him to bed before the game is over. i think we might actually have to get them crosby jerseys for their 1st birthday)

then we start all over again the next day. days when we go visiting relatives or just go out for the day the schedule changes a bit. but yeah i went from being the most unorganized person in the world to super organized super mom. lol. but having twins if i didn't have a schedule and stick to it....i'd be nuts. we tried the go with the flow thing for a few months...no. no no no. that was the biggest mistake we could've made. lol. now the boys are getting into the swing of things and seem happy with the schedule. except nap and bed time. they don't like nap and bed time.
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I never thought of myself of having a routine but the more I think of it I guess I sort of do.
Around 7am Noah wakes up, sometimes he gets out of bed and plays for a bit in his room before he calls me to come and get him, which is really nice.

We usually watch Backyardigans or Diego for a little while before breakfast time.

9-11 we play, color, dance, go outside for a walk if it is nice. Some days we go visit Grandma or cousins. Some days I clean when he is playing other days I play with him or just lounge if he is acting like he wants to play alone. I love when he wants to play alone since I am getting more and more tired with every passing day during this pregnancy.

11am is lunch time

11:30 or noon is nap time until about 3.

We have snack time and a video.

At 4:30 I leave for work and daddy takes over with dinner, bath and bedtime around 8:30.

Nap time and bed time vary depending on how early he woke up since some days he gets up at 6 so obviously nap time is earlier.
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