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Hi Girls,
  Well, when I posted that I had my BFP, I also said I'd been having some skin pain. I just got my BFP on Tuesday and have been having horrible skin pain all on my left side.  I haven't gone to the doc. and today it got so bad I finally called.  They think it's the beginning of shingles.  AHHH....I'm wondering how this is going to affect the baby as I know it's like the chicken pox.  I did have a friend have them while pregnant and he doc, said it wouldn't affect the baby but I know these first few weeks are such a crucial time. Her doctor told her that the problems occur if you've never had chicken pox and you get chicken pox but your body has already built up the antibodies to this.  I'm wondering if I should go to the ER????  HELP PLEASE...
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I do think you should go in, the shingles will get a lot worse if you don't get an antibiotic cream. Better to be safe, especially while pregnant!
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You should call your OB doctor and ask what to do.  You should be fine.  Sometimes they want you to start Valtrex, but early in pregnancy, I don't know if they would do that or not.

Do you actually have the blisters?
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Hi Peek

I did call my OB's office and they were closing in 20 min. and said all doctors were already gone.  So...I went to my regular PCP as they have an urgent care and they said that from what she sees it leads her to believe it to be shingles but since I don't have any blisters, it may be a mild case and I won't get any Or she said it could be a hormone related incident because of the miscarriage with high levels in December and then back down and back up but she thinks it's shingles. I'm just a nervous wreck about this.  She did say that if I develop any actual blisters to call my OB IMMEDIATELY.  Do you see a problem in babies whose mom's had shingles?  What are the risks if I do or don't treat?  I just can't believe this.  UGH...Thanks Peek!  Julie
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OK, I'm beginning to think this can't be shingles since it's now spread down my left leg and is starting to spread across my left chest about 2 inches above my breast.  This is HORRIBLE.  If anyone has any idea what could be causing skin pain like this, I'd love any ideas.  I just keep praying it goes away SOON.  Hope you are all doing well.
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You can always, even on the weekends, reach your OB on call person.  Is it actually a rash of some kind (i know you said it wasn't blisters), or is it just some sort of unexplainable skin pain?

If its really bad, I encourage you to call the on call OB to see what he/she has to say.  

I can't say that I've seen much shingles during pregnancy.  Let me see what I can find out.  
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There isn't a lot to go on.  It seems pretty rare during pregnancy, but not unheard of.  You can have the pain and ultra-sensitive skin for a few days to a week or more before the blisters come out.  Usually, it doesn't cross the midline of the body.  

I still say if you are really badly off, call the OB person on call to ask what to do.  
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Thanks Peek.  The pain has NOT crossed my midline. It's ALL on my left side.  I'd probably feel better if it was on my right side somewhere because then I'd know that it wasn't shingles.  It's so frustrating and painful.  We are having my son's 3rd birthday party today and so I just showered and put on jeans and it KILLS.  I'm praying it's just something crazy my body is doing with all the hormones.  It will be a week tomorrow that the pain started on my lower back.  I guess it's a wait and see game. If it's not better by Thursday, I'm going to have to go in because I can't take much more of it.  Thanks for your help and if you think of anything else it could be, I'm open to ideas!!  Julie
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I found out yesterday that I have shingles.  I am 12 weeks pregnant today.  I was a total wreck. I started with a small rash under my right breast, which was stinging here and there.  I decided to see my family doctor, who told me it was most likely herpes zoster (shingles) and that i should see a dermatologist right away and contact my obgyn.  I was totally freaked out and upset.  I had a miscarriage back in June and don't want anything happening to this baby.  

It just so happens that my best friend works for a dermatologist & was at work when i rushed into the office to ask if her doc could see me.  I had to wait an hour, but the doc did confirm it was shingles.  In the mean time, i contacted my obgyn office and the nurse told me that if it was shingles and i've already had the chicken pox (which i did when i was 8 yrs old), that it should be fine.  She said i was allowed to take Valtrex medication for the shingles, which is what they prescribed for me.  I take it 3 times a day for 7 days.  She said the shingles would only be a problem if i was about to deliver the baby b/c some of the shingles could be in the vaginal canal, which could give it to the baby.  But i'm far from delivering.  I am still very nervous, but hopefully the medicine will help keep it localized and not to spread.  

Good luck and i would seek help from a dermatologist right away to find out if it definitely is the shingles.  If you have any questions for me, just email me at ***@**** ...my name is nikki.
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Check out this website, i just read through it.

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Just wanted to let you know I had shingles while I was pregnant (7 months I think).  I took Acyclovir and had a perfectly healthy baby boy who is now a 2 1/2 yr old terror.  I also had the pain for about a week before the blisters broke out.  The medication seemed to clear it up fairly quickly...about a week or so.  Good Luck to you.  I know you and your baby will be just fine.  
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Do not worry about it now...it won't help anyway. I know it may sound too harsh but I went through the same situation. I had shingles when I was 12-14 wks prego. They were on my left side of my back on my waist line...very painful. I managed them even withoutny drugs, just did not want to mess up with meds while prego.I was also told by MD and OBGYN there is no danger for the baby since I had chicken pox when I was a kid as well as there were antibodies agains chicken pox developed. Try to relax now and take care of yourself but remember stress and infections can cause relapses. That's why I recommend to take it easy. I am due in a week or so. Will keep you posted. Good luck. Lilia
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Thanks girls for the supportive comments.  I still don't have a rash but have 2 chicken pox looking things that I'm thinking could possibly be either the start of the rash or maybe this is all I will get. I still have horrible pain.  Lilia, how long was it before your pain went away without drugs?  I've quit worrying because you are right, it won't do any good but it's hard to stop thinking about it when the pain is always there.  UGH.....I keep praying that I will wake up and it will be gone some morning.  Good luck Lilia since you are due in a week!  

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