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SIDS-Why is 2-4 months the most common time?

I am paranoid about SIDS.  I was the same way with my DS three years ago.  I can't even relax at night because I check on my DD so much.  She just turned 2 months and I am returning to work.  I know this is the time when she is at the most risk, but why is this time so critical?  Also, are there any signs to look for?  I know all the precautions and follow them carefully, but I still have a hard time relaxing about the issue.
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One theory is that they have developed the ability to raise their head, but not move it all that well and that they start scooting. Current thinking suggests there is a link between seratonin receptors and SIDS and the rebreathing of CO2 leading to hypoxia and then death. Perhaps that explains why some people have caught a baby succombing to SIDS and while they have "revived" them, they are brain dead due to lack of oxygen.

Try not to worry. I know it is easier said than done. I worried as it is more common in boys than girls, but the fact my second and third rolled very fast and that they all came out with amazing neck strength, combined with co-sleeping helped to calm my nerves.
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ive read i can be linked to gas from mattresses and reactions to shots?? if you find a way to relax about it, let me know!!!!
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gas from mattresses? what does that mean?
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2 month shots...4 month shots..thats my theory and Im sticking to it. Just take the normal precautions

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its supposed to be from the fireproofing chemicals they treat the mattresses with--ill try and find a link
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SIDS existed before vaccinations and unvaccinated children die from SIDS as well, and  babies also die from SIDS without ever having slept on conventional mattresses. There is no 100% proven cause, but some strides have been made in determining the seratonin link.
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i honestly dont think theyll ever know about anything for sure--im sure if there was a 100 percent answer, they would have found it by now, but.....im willing to wait on the early shots and keep the mattress wrapped if theres even an iota of a chance
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I'm also paranoid, when Lilith doesn't get up at her normal time I do and check on her.  I have had nightmares of finding her dead in her bed.  Then again I have her sleeping on her side not her back (because she can roll over and because she's spit up several times and doesn't even bother to turn her head, instead she just chokes and gags).  And... I break the other rules, I co-sleep after she gets up the first time at night...
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Yes could be a number of things
Some parents have had autopsies done after their child died and found out it was from shots.


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There is a safety gadget out there call the Angel Care Movement Sensor - I just purchased a 2nd one for my mom's house for when she is babysitting.  It is well worth every one of the $99 it costs.  You will be able to sleep at night again.  If something were to happen an alarm would sound.  Look it up on babies r us website.
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wow. i never heard about the mattress thing. interesting. thanks for the link.

as for the shots - not so sure i'm convinced. but don't want to turn this into a debate.

i found some good info here: http://www.sids.org/nprevent.htm

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If it is proven to be "from the shots' it wouldn't be considered SIDS. And how does one link it definitively to the shots? Which one? How do they know that was the cause? I don't buy it, not as a cause of SIDS. An autopsy isn't going to say "this vaccination caused death" they aren't worded that way. SIDS is determined as a cause of death when there is no KNOWN cause. If it were vaccinations, there would be a clear determination.

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I do the same with Brody. He goes into his bassinet still in our room for the first part of the night until he wakes up sometime around 2. Then we co sleep for the rest of the night. I fall asleep nursing him and then he wakes sometime around 5 and we nurse again. I have actually read that co sleeping can decrease the risk of SIDS. In countries that always co sleep they have lower SIDS rates. I am scared to death also of SIDS and I have thought about how horrible it would be to find my baby that way. I don't think I could handle it.
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I do the same thing! I am SCARED to death on SIDS. He sleeps in the playpen when he naps during the day, but at night he is in bed with us. Im just too scared something will happen to him
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Andji78 Your right when there is "no known cause"  they call it SIDS....but there have been cases of initial death in infant being considered SIDS until further investigation. Not all people do an autospy to find out cause of death.
Obviously nothing is "proven" thats why the different theories.
By your acct. if the same were true with the mattress thing it wouldnt be called SIDS either..it would be called Death by mattress poisioning. or the other thing mentioned regarding the seratonin leading to hypoxia.
And yes of you looked at the website I posted there are some cases on there where it was determined the shot caused death..Initially told SIDS by the doctor.. In fact there is someone who posts on this sight frequently who lost her baby to a shot....I have done my research and if you look into it you will find it.
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I have my own theories on a lot of these deaths linked with the shots and while in some cases there could be an allergic reaction to the shot, in many the timing is off. For something to be an allergic reaction the body first must have been exposed to it one other time. For it to kill within hours or even a day leads one to suspect something else as the cause, the vaccination is just a scapegoat/coincidence.

Again, you are confusing two different things, cause of death in SIDS cases is unknown and any ME worth their degree will not simply call it SIDS without looking for other signs or causes. The incidence of death associated with vaccinations is low, extremely low. And even less when you consider some people, not professionals, attribute the death to shots when no evidence exists. It would be like linking someone eating a cheeseburger and then getting hit by a truck. Was the driver of the truck distracted by the smell of the burger? Had the guy not stopped for a burger, maybe he would still be alive? One has nothing to really do with the other.

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Yeah Im sure some of the incedences are low in comparison. I agree it could be from a number of things..who knows...but I would never throw that theory out the window.
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I think if someone is truly worried about SIDS in their child.... do all the research get all the info. you can..it certainly cannot hurt.

Good Book
What your Doctor May NOT tell you about Childrens Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave
There are 5 pages devoted to SIDS and vaccines  
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Just thought you might find this interesting...I know its not fake cause I found a lot number of a vaccine my son received in 2002

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my doctor told me that SIDS can even happen to baby's in teh womb, a lot of babies die with no reason
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Im sorry but if you look at the website I last posted it shows the age of the children/adult that died shortley after the vaccines...most of the ages are 2 and 4 months. I dont think its just a guy who ate a cheesburger and got hit by a truck...but that is what the medical community wants to convince us of I guess.
My question would be that if it were an allergic reaction that causes a disability or death... how do you know what your child is or isnt allergic to?
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As with any case of allergic reaction, you look at prior exposures. It may surprise you to know my sister is allergic to egg based vaccinations and had a life threatening REACTION as a child. Yet I still had my children vaccinated on time. Being a former member of the medical community, I do not blindly take information that is spoonfed to me as you seem to think others do. In fact I tend to see other members of the medical community as those who tend to take things with a grain of salt and explore situations further. Hence why i don't by this "vaccinations killed my baby" or "vaccinations made my child autistic" show me real scientific proof, not extremely small samples with no clear connection. People die from tylenol, it certainly doesn't mean everyone will die from taking it.

And close to 20% of SIDS cases over the 20th century are actually thought to be infanticide, does that mean I can blindly say that if someones child died from SIDS I can call them a murderer? There certainly more cases of that than what are being attributed to vaccinations. Again, a true SIDS case has no detectable cause of death . I find it disturbing that some think it is okay to attempt to scare people when  in reality they are placing an entire population at risk for a resurgence of diseases that used to kill and greatly disable populations. If given the choice or my child suffering and dying from an illness that can be vaccinated against versus the small minute chance of a vaccination reaction, i will take the chance for the reaction.

To each their own. Citing fanatical websites doesn't sway my opinion. Hopefully others can see them for what they are.

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