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SIDS-Why is 2-4 months the most common time?

I am paranoid about SIDS.  I was the same way with my DS three years ago.  I can't even relax at night because I check on my DD so much.  She just turned 2 months and I am returning to work.  I know this is the time when she is at the most risk, but why is this time so critical?  Also, are there any signs to look for?  I know all the precautions and follow them carefully, but I still have a hard time relaxing about the issue.
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SIDS existed before vaccinations and unvaccinated children die from SIDS as well, and  babies also die from SIDS without ever having slept on conventional mattresses. There is no 100% proven cause, but some strides have been made in determining the seratonin link.
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i honestly dont think theyll ever know about anything for sure--im sure if there was a 100 percent answer, they would have found it by now, but.....im willing to wait on the early shots and keep the mattress wrapped if theres even an iota of a chance
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I'm also paranoid, when Lilith doesn't get up at her normal time I do and check on her.  I have had nightmares of finding her dead in her bed.  Then again I have her sleeping on her side not her back (because she can roll over and because she's spit up several times and doesn't even bother to turn her head, instead she just chokes and gags).  And... I break the other rules, I co-sleep after she gets up the first time at night...
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Yes could be a number of things
Some parents have had autopsies done after their child died and found out it was from shots.


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There is a safety gadget out there call the Angel Care Movement Sensor - I just purchased a 2nd one for my mom's house for when she is babysitting.  It is well worth every one of the $99 it costs.  You will be able to sleep at night again.  If something were to happen an alarm would sound.  Look it up on babies r us website.
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wow. i never heard about the mattress thing. interesting. thanks for the link.

as for the shots - not so sure i'm convinced. but don't want to turn this into a debate.

i found some good info here: http://www.sids.org/nprevent.htm

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