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Sad about 3D scan (Open forum)

Hi ladies, yesterday I went for my 3D scan.  Its part of the hospital package.  Once you book your bed you get the scan for free.  Well, I had to book weeks in advance and have been so looking forward to it.  I bought the top of the range DVD disk and double checked with them that I had the correct one.  My baby girl was very quiet and therefore I only got 1 picture printed, but that was okay because I had the dvd with some really good 2D shots of her playing with her feet.  When I got home I tried to play the DVD only to find the dam thing doesn't work.  Now what?  I am crushed.  I plan on contacting them on Mon, because they are closed today, but what if they say "It;s not our problem if your disk is faulty, if you want another scan your will have to pay for it" and they are very expensive here.  How do I prove it was not a faulty disk? The data is on the disk, but neither my DVD player nor any PC DVD players at the office can play it. Any DVD experts out there? For the record it's a DVD-R.
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Some players are Dvd-, some are dvd+.  I would go to the Sony store or some other high end store and ask them if they can play it.  If it works, take it to a video copy place and have them burn a new dvd for you that will play on your machine.  Big pain, I know.

Good luck.
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You might have to play it at your home computer only.  Some offices do not have the right programs to read burn dvds. If you have a DVD burner in your home PC you might want to rerecord in a different brand of dvd...hope it helps and Congrats!!!
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I could only play my DVD from u/s on the computer too. Opening with REALplayer.  It's not like a rental movie.
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Do you have to format it after its been burnt.  I know for our Sony camcorder once you finish recording with the disc in order to watch it in another media my camcorder needs to format it first and it takes about 2 mins to do.  I don't know anything about technology but just a thought since I had the same frustration when it first happened to me.
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Burned dvds only work on about 90% of dvd players.  I know, I make montages and have customers at get upset at me because they can't play it at home, only to have bought a new dvd player and it works fine.  Keep trying it on other players.  You should find one that works.  
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I had an issue like your and it was the dvd- and the dvd+ like the other poster mentioned, maybe you can go and have it copied to the right disk, sorry I know that is disapointing to ya :-(

You have a healthy baby girl, congrats
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with burnt dvd's ive found that the cheaper the dvd player the more likely it is to play a burnt dvd!
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yea, it is probably the dvd player.  look and see if it will read it.  sometimes a gameconsole (xbox, playstation 2 etc) will play burned dvd's that a dvd player wont if your husband, boyfriend or whoever has one of those you could test it out.
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my husband is telling me go to tell you to try to download this video player.  http://www.videolan.org/  

Your PC or player on your PC may not have the proper CODECS to play the video depending on the format the hospital used. First try to play it by downloading the above video player. It will play just about anything. If it works...email me and I will try to help you format for a DVD player. Good luck.

Ok, that was my husband...i guess i was typing to slow for him! My email address is ***@**** Like he said, if it works, email me and he will do whatever he said above...i am not that literate!
good luck
amber and kevin
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Thank you all so much for your advice.  My DH called the hospital today and they said that we must take it in, if they cant fix it they will redo the scan.  YAY!
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