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Scared about my pregnancy?

Hi everyone! I am 22 years old and found out a week ago that i am pregnant. I just turned 6 weeks today.im worried about whats going on though. I started spotting/slight cramping the day after i found out i was pregnant. I made an emergency appt. to my doctor to find out why. i ended up finding out i had a urinary tract infection and they started me on macrobid and told me to get my prenatal vitamins filled. She said to keep track of the spotting on a flow chart so i am. I started bleeding more the next day after the emergency doctors appt. but it wasnt that much of a difference. the next day (friday) i ended up bleeding like a light/medium period when i used the bathroom, but i never really had to wear a pad or anything which was weird to me.i was also having the cramps with some blood clots passing. i called my doc and she said to hurry and go to the emergency room ASAP, which scared me really bad. I went and they did a catheter on me to check my urine and of course i had a severe urinary tract infection. they gave me a pelvic exam and the doctor said there was alot of blood in there but it was non-active (not bleeding like a period).he said that my uterus was still closed and everything looked good inside. he said the reason im probably passing clots and it looks like i am bleeding alot is cause its bleeding a small tiny amount and its getting caught in my vagina and building up and drying a little causing it to look like blood clots. he also said i feel 8 weeks and not 6 weeks along but too early for an ultrasound. i just want my baby to be fine and no M/C. Any advice?
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Everything the doc said makes sense except that if he really thought you were 8 weeks along, you could get a reading on an ultrasound.  But if you are sure of the 6 weeks and he believed you, he might have made the comment that you felt more like 8 weeks just as a way of saying your uterus feels bigger than usual for 6 weeks.  When do you go back?  I'd be curious to know if he thinks what is going on is twins.

From now until about week 12 is probably the most fragile time of your pregnancy.  You could just be bleeding a trickle from a tiny tear in the uterine lining.  You could be bleeding from further implantation of the embryo in the uterus.  Or you could be getting a signal of something further that might happen.  If it is a m/c in the making, there is nothing you can do to change it, but if it is just a small tear or further implanting, you can help calm down your uterus by taking it very easy and drinking a lot of water.

For what it is worth, I began bleeding at 6 weeks.  It stopped after about 40 hours of bed rest, and I did OK but then the bleeding came back.  Turns out, one embryo I was carrying died at 8 weeks 3 days, but the other kept on developing.  I'm now at 14 weeks 3 days, and the baby I still carry is apparently doing fine.  I do kick myself that I didn't stop everything whenever there was ANY blood and go straight to bed until 24 hours after the bleeding stopped (as my doctor said to do), but the bleeding was so minimal at times that it didn't seem significant.  I still don't know if there would have been any different outcome if I had.  But the bed rest did seem to stop any small blood flows.

I don't know if this helps or not.  Hope you see the doc again soon and get great news!   Annie
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HI.  It sounds like it's all ok.  I bled at about 7 weeks and they told me that there is some residual bleeding when implantation is taking place and that sometimes in the very early stages there is left over blood in the placenta and uterus.  
I will say a prayer for yu.  Try and take it easy and think positively.
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I wouldn't worry too much as of yet.  I bled from 6 weeks all the way to 9 weeks..not a lot..but enough to turn red.   I was terrified.  I had just m/c 3 months before.  But had 2 u/s during this time and everything was fine.  I was on bedrest the whole time...it passed.  I'm 13w2d now.  Hoping everything goes well for you.  Good luck.
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Thank you for all the replys!!! I am really hoping it is just bleeding in my urine plus the little bleeding in the vagina mixing together when i pee, but the blood clots really scare me at the same time. I am going through about 2-3 pads a day but not filling them up. The emergency room doctor told me to go back to my regular doctor tomorrow (monday) if i havent improved, which i think he was talking about my urinary tract infection, which has gotten much better, but the bleeding is still going on. I actually have a very weird feeling that I am pregnant with twins, but there is no twins in the fathers side but my mother was adopted so i have no clue whats on her real parents side. I hope i am not having an m/c of one of the twins IF i am pregnant with twins. I couldnt even imagine what you had to go through knowing that, im sorry :( I think i am going to go back to my regular doctor tomorrow just as a follow up check up, rather be safe then sorry. I will write and let everyone know the changes. Yes the ER doctor told me i FELT like 8 weeks, i wouldnt mind being farther along anyways to get closer to the 3 1/2 months so the miscarriage scare can slightly go away ya know? thanks to everyone so much again!!! and congrats to you all!!
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