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Second period after miscarriage


I've miscarried back in May and just started my second period night of 7/5.  I would have to say it was the weirdest experience leading up to my period start date.  On day 14, I've felt the bloating and pain in my right ovary so I knew I was getting ready to ovulate.  So hubby and I did our deed for the next 3 days, rested one day and again the following day.  I don't know which day I actually ovulated.  On day 21, I felt slight cramping, bloating, pelvic poking, a little dizzy and my uterus felt heavy and felt as though something was in there.  This was exactly how I felt when I was pregnant before my miscarriage.  Day 26 light pink spotting in the evening only when I wiped after bathroom.  On day 27, I tested w/ HPT and it was negative.  Day 27-30 light pink spotting turned into brown spotting.  I've never spotted for this long before I start my period.  I would spot at the most 1 day and the following day, I would start cramping badly and will know that I've started my period.  This time, after 4 days of spotting, I was cramping so bad, but nothing all day until the evening of my 30th day when I finally started my period (7/5).

Any one of you experienced this?  Do you think my hormones are still trying to adjust after my miscarriage?  I've been seeing an Acupuncturist for the last 2 months (started after my miscarriage) and taking herbs.  I don't know if the herbs caused it as well.  Just curious as to if others have gone through this.
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Regarding the effect of acupressure and herbs I cannot say much. The possibility always exists. But yes, post miscarriage the hormonal cycle takes about 2-3 months to settle down. So you can expect spotting, delay in periods, early periods etc. Excessive cramping post miscarriage can however be a sign of ectopic pregnancy (even if pregnancy test is negative) or of infection. I sincerely advice you to consult a gynecologist and get it evaluated.  Take care!
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i had similar situation like yours. What happened was after my miscarriage, my 2nd period was painful at night and my back just hurt when I want to turn around on the bed...i never experience this kind of pain for my previous periods( before miscarriage). I think the 1st period after miscarriage was not as bad as compare to the 2nd period....weird is during the day time, the pain goes away....today is the fifth day of my 2nd period. I will have to see what happened tonight.....I also reliased that there is one big clot came out...i think this is much bigger than the other clots I get compare to the other periods.
hopefully nothing wrong in my body....Hopefully someone has an explanation will be great!
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