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Sex after c section ?

How long did you wait to have sex after your c section ? I'm not bleeding anymore it's more like yellow now I'm basically wasting pads at this point and I feel fine I've been out a week after my c section I'm 3 weeks 3 days post partum btw
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Hi there.  I think the thing women forget about child birth is that you are healing.  You, in the case of a c section, don't have the same thing as the pain in the vagina that natural birth causes, but your uterus has been sliced hon.  Follow your doctor's orders on how long you should wait for sex. good luck
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I waited the full 6 weeks. It is such a major surgery I didn't want to risk it especially with wanting more children later.
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Yea I talked to my doctor n she told me to wait lol it's just my bf wants it i really don't but i just wanted to satisfy him
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You can always do something else besides vaginal intercourse to satisfy him,  if you're up to it.  ;D  Otherwise,  seems like he could wait and be more patient.
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I had a c-section with my first and had sex early at 3 weeks. Huge mistake. It was extremely painful, and I have a very high pain tolerance. One reason they have you wait is there are cuts, even with a C-section and sex introduces new bacteria which can cause infection.
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He's currently mad at me cauSe he thinks I just don't want to have sex and I keep explaining to him I can't n he seems to not understand, I usually give him oral but today I didn't want to bc I'm exhausted I get up all night with the baby and honestly sex is the last thing on my mind I'm just so tired and not in the mood so right now he giving me the silent treatment wtf
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You should show him a video of what a c section is. And tell him to go f himself. He should respect you for what you've just been through. He sounds like a jackass. He can handle himself. Don't feel bad. Show him videos of guys on a contraction simulator as well. Sorry you have to deal with a jerk. Congrats to you with the new baby!
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He was there during my whole labor he saw everything he knows what I just went through but he says I look fine and I'm not bleeding anymore so I can have sex now, I even called my doctor to show him I'm not lying that I can't have sex I thought that was going to make him understand but it didn't n I told him he's being selfish n he just says all these stupid remarks like I don't love him no more it's me who just don't want to have sex n so on smh
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Cathyo93 & thank u btw :)
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He was there and still acting like that? He saw your insides spilled out on a table and still thinks its no big deal? Wow he is a jerk. Also if he thinks you don't love him cause you're not having sex with him then he has a messed up view of what love is and/or is just trying to make you feel bad so you'll do it. Either way hes being a real jerk. I wouldn't do it for even longer just cause hes being an *** about it. Can i ask how old yall are?
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I told him to go jack off lol idk if he has or not but I just want him to leave me alone about sex & he says it's been so long since we had sex and honestly idc I'm too tired for it n I'm 23 and he's 25
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