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Sharp pains during pregnancy

Hi everyone. Just a quick question..

As of today I am 13 weeks, 1 day pregnant. I have experienced no bleeding, no cramping, or any miscarriage signs.. Just morning sickness and all the usual pregnancy symptoms. I've been to the doctor twice now and he says that everything is going fine. I even heard the heartbeat at 10w4d which was a strong 160. Anyway my question is..

Has anyone ever experienced sharp pains in the vagina birth canal region? Every now and then when I am laying on my side or sitting in a weird way, I get a real sharp pain there and I don't know what causes it. It usually only lasts a few seconds and then I don't experience it for a few days. Anyway, I asked my doctor and he said that it is normal, but I still can't shake the feeling that its not. I also get some not-so-sharp pains in my uterus from time to time which I have been told is the uterus stretching.

If anyone has experienced this before or knows a little better about what it might be, please respond. Thanks.
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Yes I have experienced that. Im not sure if I ever did so early, but it could just be everything stretching and making room for baby. The sharp pains in the tummy I get and that is usually ligement stretching..It sounds like things are going well though, so I would try (as hard as it is) to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
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I get that pain now, but I am 34 weeks.  I think it is the baby pressing on something and creating pain that radiates to the vaginal canal.  I don't feel as though the pain is related to the vaginal canal.  But, at 34 weeks, baby's head is down and I can feel her on my pelvic floor.  That is probably what it is, especially when you say it happens when you are on your side or laying down.  Just that change in baby's position could be making brief contact with whatever it is that causes that pain.  As far as the uterine pain, that would be the stretching pain.  Sometimes it will make you wince because they can be pretty sharp.  But normal.  


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I am very early into my pregnancy also and experienced sharp and mild shooting pains there. I called a friend that just had 2 children back to back..she said she also had those pains . She said not to be scared, it was just my body geting ready for the new baby. She said she was scared she was having a miscarrige. But of cpourse she wasn't!! SO don't get scared but if the pain is very bad or goes on for a long time see the doc ASAP!! Good Luck
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Sammysbaby-I know of what you speak. My doctor and I have a very humorous relationship and when I told her I was having pains, she said "sharp stabbing ones?" I replied yes and she said, in her infinite compassion and wisdom, "it'll only get worse"...and man, she wasn't kidding. It's more than likely round ligament pain. Making room for the baby. The ligaments attach from almost in your thigh to your belly button, so there free pain range in those areas. Massage helps. I hope you feel better.
I swear I want to write a book about all of the things "they" don't tell you about pregnancy pings and pangs. People say that no one would get p/g if they knew, but I disagree. Knowledge is power! :-)


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Hi everyone. Thank you for all your help in answering my question. I feel alot better knowing that other people have gone through the same thing that I am going through.
Thanks again.
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Hello, I am 16 weeks pregnant - ever so excited, but I have dull aches in the front and back today - Do you think all is OK?
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