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Shorter, lighter periods for last two months. Pregnant?

Hello. I'm just curious and would like to have some other input on this... For the last two months, my period has lasted for 2-4 days and has been extremely light with hardly any cramps (except for the first day of this last period. The cramps were reeeally bad but after about an hour, nothing. And very litte bleeding at all). I would not have even needed a tampon for the last two months; a panty liner would have been enough. TMI? Sorry :/ ... This is just very abnormal for me. My periods usually last 7 days and are pretty heavy with bad cramps.. I've had light headaches on and off but haven't felt anything else enough to consider them symptoms. I know that it's possible to not have any symptoms during a pregnancy. I also know that some women still have their "periods." (Yes, I know this isn't possible because ovulation isn't possible during pg) But I know that some women DO experience bleeding or spotting. I just wanted some opinions.. I would go get a test but don't want to get my hopes up again.
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Well, as you know, women do bleed during pregnancy. So, if you have had scanty periods, then yes, you need to test for pregnancy. However, there are other causes for lighter periods.  

If pregnancy is ruled out, then scanty periods can be due to hypothyroidism, birth control pills, Cushing’s disease and disorders of adrenal gland, liver metabolism disorders affecting the levels of estrogen and progesterone and PCOD. Emotional stress and prolonged illness can be a cause too. It can also be due to pelvic inflammatory disease, infection (fungal or otherwise) and STD. Please consult a gynecologist to find the cause. Take care!
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Did you ever find out what was going on.. I'm in the same boat period past two month have been lighter and shorter and I usually bleed heavy. I took a few tests before my 2 ireg period and it was negative. Confused:/ thanks b.
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No, I haven't found out anything else. I guess I kind of stopped worrying about it... My next period is due Friday so I was just going to wait and see if I get it and if it's regular. If not, I'll probably see a doctor.. My mama had trouble with infertility. It took her 13 years to have me. So I want to make sure nothing is wrong with my cycle.. It's been years since my last check-up anyway
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