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Signs Labor Is Near?

Hi ladies! Okay, here are all the changes I've been experiencing the past few days. First, my contractions are starting to accompany a crampy feeling. The baby has definitely dropped (no more acid reflux!) and it feels like I've been on a horse all day. The pain and aches in my lower pelvis are rough. Does it sound like I'm close?

Also, I don't know if this is normal, but it almost seems like my stomach has gotten smaller. Maybe because of the baby dropping it's been redistributed?? I still feel the baby move and hiccup and all that jazz so I'm not worried about the health of the baby, just if it's normal or not.

I'm just about 39 weeks and my doctor does not think I'll carry till my due day, but a part of me feels like I'll be pregnant forever!! Good luck to you all and I hope to have a story for you soon.
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you are defenitly close! good luck, hope it all goes well
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You know what the funniest part of this story is to me? As soon as you deliver, even with all the joy that comes with becoming a new mom, you may find a small part of you that misses all those kicks and flutters. Strangest thing, you spend so much time hoping it is "time" and once you have your baby you may find that you miss having them in there.

I did with both of my boys. I would find myself rubbing my belly, when I was sleeping I would wake up in a panic because I hadn't felt a kick for a while,lol. They seem so much safer inside of you than in the cold, cold world. I spent the last month of my pregnancies timing contractions, hoping for my water to break, anything to tell me it was "time." But then I found myself hoping it could last just a little bit longer when I knew it was "time"

With you being 39 weeks, one way or another, you will have a baby in your arms in no more than 3 weeks (the longest most docs would wait to induce is 2 weeks past your due date) Take what little time you have and relax, or get some of those last minute jobs done around the house : )

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I agree  with Andi. Towards the end I was so miserable and wanted him out sooooo bad but when he was born there was a part of me that was sad because I could not feel his little( well, big) kicks anymore. Enjoy it and savor it because it will be over before you know it! Good Luck!
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