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Sleep dont come easy!!!

First,Hi to everyone who gave me that great advice back in june. Anyway I am very excited that after 6 months of negative hpt's that I am 7.4 months pregmant.And after all that time of faint symptoms now that I know SLEEP is the worst part of my day everyday.SOME BODY PLEASE HELP. Im suppose to be getting my rest but I cant, Every night its the same thing, Sharp pains, the fluttering feeling, pressure, All day long Im fine wouldnt even know I was pregnant unless I told you, but when darkness falls oh my, Sleep dont come easy, And I work 40+ hrs a week I just dont know what to do. My life is a mess cause I can only get good sleep during the day, then off to work,and up all night dealing with the same things every night. Any suggestions PLEASE.
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I'm almost 6 mos. now and sleep pretty well, but last pregnancy at ard. 7 mos. I would wake  up every couple of hrs. b/c of bad backaches. I had to be at work (hospital) by 5:30am, so you can imagine I was a walking zombie. Believe it or not, I would sit at my dining room table, leaning on the table like a kid at a desk and catch some zzz's. I remember telling my husband "I can't survive this". I think eventually it did get better, but I was napping all the time.
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Yes, I forgot to mention the waking up every hour part. And I know what you mean cause It seems like I only get some hope of sleep when i lay on the couch with all the pillows behind my back and thats not me I love my bed but now I find myself couching it 3-4 days a week. Im glad i just found out cause if this isant over soon I'll go crazy!! feels like my minds playin tricks on me.
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Ok, I  totally understand what you ladies are going through. I'm about 7 1/2 mos pregnant as well and sleep sometimes just doesn't happen unless I'm exhausted. Even then I still wake up to go to the bathroom a lot! I know if sleep is becoming a big issue for you and you aren't getting enough to function the doctor can give you some ambien to sleep. It doesn't hurt the baby. They offered it to me when I was in the hospital cause I couldn't sleep either. Good luck.
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Did they really offer you an ambien? Omg, they told me to get off that stuff immediately cause i was taking it because of nightmares. Anyway, to the original poster...the dr told me it was ok to take some benedryl or tylenol pm to help get to sleep on some nights. Good luck. I would just double check what your dr thinks you can have before you take any kind of medicine just to get the ok from him.
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Yeah, the nurse told me they give it to pregnant women all the time, Keep in mind I was on the L&D floor too. I even asked her if it was ok and she said yes. How far along are you? Maybe that matters? Since some drugs are safe in one trimester and not in another.
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I can't sleep either, just can't get comfortable and only 5 months along.  Guess getting ready for sleepless nights when baby comes.  I even hate to share the bed, I feel like I need the whole bed, but can't do that to hubby.  I drink warm milk before bed that sometimes help.
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Im 8 months pregnant and it doesnt get better. Im up every 2 hours because I have to pee. And once I pee, the baby is hungry! It never ends!! I take naps on the weekends and after work during the weekday.
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thanks, Darkestlight I'll have to ask about that cause im never even had time to prepare myself for this it came from no where,and kierstynsmommy I have tried the tylenol pm and they work for a night or two and then i have to stop taking them for 2or3 days so my body can get unused to them all over again but they do work, i just try not to make them habbit forming cause i just found out i was pg and I drive myself nuts tryin to remember every thing I ate, Drank and smoked wondering if my baby is going to be okay. But thank you all for the suggestions and I will try the benadryl. Nice to know Im not alone!!!!!!
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