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Slow Rising Hcg, bleeding = Missed Abortion?


I had a positive pregnancy test on 8/21, which was about 4 weeks LMP.  On 9/4, I had bleeding like the start of a menstrual period in the morning.  I did not have any cramping at all.

In the afternoon I had Hcg, internal exam, and US.  Internal exam showed closed cervix, Ultrasound saw "something there" but no heartbeat (would be about 6 weeks 0 days LMP).  I haven't had any bleeding since then, although some brownish mucous.

Hcgs are
9/4 - 4347
9/6 - 5878
9/8 - 7385

On Monday, one doctor scheduled US for Thursday.  Then today, when 3rd Hcg came back, different doctor was ready to schedule D&C.  I mentioned Thursday US and she said okay we could wait until after that.

Am I being too hopeful?  Should I cancel US and go for D&C?

Thanks for your help,

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I don't see any harm in waiting.

I hope everything works out for you.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this! I would at least wait until Thursday JUST in case.  It sounds like they are pretty sure and at 6 weeks your levels should be higher and you should see more on u/s with those levels, but you never know...my thoughts and prayers are with you!
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WAIT!!!  I'm only saying this from experience!!  This happened to my aunt, and she waited to have her D&C until after the ultrasound.  My cousin, Hannah is 10 this year!  If you're not in any pain or bleeding there's no reason to cancel your US.  Keep us posted.  Good Luck!  XOXO, Tiff
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Based on what you have said, it sounds almost exactly like what happened to me in June. Only mine didn't start with any bleeding, just a vague feeling like something was wrong (I had already had 3 prior m/c, getting to be a "pro" at that feeling) Anyway, they did a series of levels, starting at pretty close to the same stage of pg. my levels rose, but didn't even come close to doubling. I think my first was 4655 and the next one 2 days later was only 4805, then 5 days later was only 5000 or so. After they performed another u/s when I should have been 8-9 weeks, they only saw a 5-6 week sac, no baby. It was at that point i was finally diagnosed with a blighted ovum. A blighted ovum is where the egg is fertilized, implants, the placenta and sac grows, but no baby ever forms. This is vastly different than a missed miscarriage as with that the baby does start to develop, but then dies and the body won't expel it without intervention.

I really hope this isn't the case for you, but I have a feeling in my heart after seeing those numbers and them not seeing a baby this may also be the case for you. Definitely wait until the results of the u/s on Thursday before deciding anything else. I will definitely keep you in my prayers : )

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Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and comments.  It helps to hear of pregnancies that went both ways so that I can be prepared.  Your kind thoughts and prayers mean alot.


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The bleeding will eventually stop just stay in bed and get lots of rest. That's what I did after I had mine its ok.
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