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Small Discoloration on Upper Lip

Hi there everyone! I have a an appointment with dermatology on March 7th, but I'm getting antsy and a bit paranoid (ahh, the joys of being pregnant and worried!). Well, around the time I got pregnant, I noticed a small dark spot on my upper lip. When I run my tounge over it, it feels like a tiny blister. It does not hurt, nor is it a cold sore (which I've had before). I went to see the physician's assistant and she told me it looks like NOTHING to be concerned about...but of course I am. Does anyone else have any similar issues? Is it a result of pregnancy and hormones, or does it sound more serious? Arggh! Why does this stupid stuff always have to happen? :-)  Thanks ladies!
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Actually when I am pregnant I do have stuff like that pop up on me. And sometimes my small moles will change appearance. But after the baby comes they dissappear. I have read about skin changes like that when you are pregnant. Look on the internet and I am sure you will find some info. The good thing is that you are getting it looked at so It will put your mind at ease. Good luck. Danielle
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i have what they call "the mask of pregnancy" on my upper lip. it is a hormone imbalance that causes the skin pigment to change color.....makes me look like i have two little spots of dirt on my upper lip...it does go away when the hormones level back out, however i have never had the skin raised.

good luck let us know
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Thanks for your feedback. I will let you know what the dermatoloist says when I go on the 7th of March.
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I have the samet thing, but I had it before I was pg.  It's in the very centre of my bottom lip.  Sometimes it pops, and it's just like a water blister that you can get inside your mouth if you bite your cheek.  It could be from biting your lip????
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Read your comment and finally found someone who has the same problem,only I am not pregnant. Please let me know your outcome, as my doctor says it is just a vein and nothing I can do about it. Doesnt hurt, but sure is UGLY!
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