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So confused, what to do...

So, I will have three kids when this baby arrives (I'm getting induced June 6th). I have a DS age 7, DD age 4, then the new baby girl.  Both my kids are in booster seats, and I drive a Dodge Stratus.  

I tried putting the baby car seat in the middle between the two booster seats, but it doesn't fit.  So, I was able to put one booster seat on one side, and the baby seat on the other side, and I guess just have my son sit in the middle without a booster seat?  I'm so confused on what to do.  

Where we live there isn't any laws about booster seats, and you can't use a booster seat in the middle anyways because there isn't a shoulder belt.  Is he going to be safe still?  Or do I really need to look into buying a bigger car or mini van?  

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you have the full booster seat with the back?    If so, they do make booster seats without the back that you can use in the middle with the lap belt.   I know walmart has them.  
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Yes they do, the two booster seats are the ones w/o the back, however, you still can't use a booster seat in the middle if there isn't a shoulder belt, and we don't have a shoulder belt seat belt in the middle of our car.  Not just that, but a booster doesn't even fit between the booster and the baby car seat.
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Well if your son is 7, he does "need" a booster seat. But i know we are expecting number 3 as well and we will probably end up getting a van or something because its just not much space back there, ya know? I am sure i could probably fit 2 carseats and my 6 year old back there, but it will be a tight fit.
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Time to get a bigger car. It isn't a matter of laws or tickets, it is a matter of safety. It is pointless to use a booster without a shoulder belt. And age isn't as big of a factor as height, they must be over 4'9" to ride without a booster and over 8 years old.

We knew we wanted a third and bought a mini-van. We bought the van on Jan 22nd, 2006 and on Feb 12th, 2006 we found out we were pg. There is no way I would have even attempted to fit all the kids in our sedan ; )

I'd go van shopping asap. I love my Kia Sedona, great price and the safest mini van on the road.
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Yeah, I figured I would need to buy a mini van, which I'm fine with, I just didn't want the bill, you know.

I want something reliable and one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I'll look into the Kia, any other suggests on vans would be great.  I'm a newbie at shopping for vans.

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With people not purchasing local products, our economy has taken a kicking, so therefore it is not practical to just up and BUY a new mini van, no matter how cheap.
(I hate to burst andi's bubble, but the Kia Sedona is NOT the safest mini van on the road, nor is it a locally manufactured vehicle)
I have been in your situation too, although, my grand prix couldn't accomodate 3 seats across the back (even though center seat had a shoulder strap), I was faced with the decision of what do I do when I was transporting one of my ds's friends.  I put in 2 booster seats and put my ds  (7 at the time) in the middle.  he was wedged in there, and you have to remember they just recently made it law where I live.  I do realize that booster seats have been proven effective, sometimes it just isn't financially practical to up and buy a new vehicle.   good luck to you!
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I am in car sales, right now the market--at least were I live is pretty soft on all vehicles.  Don't be surprised if you have negative equity in your vehicle that you are trading in (if you still have a loan).  But in light of that you will also see some great deals on the used models out there.  they may fit your budget better and you can still get a longer term loan.

There are great choices for vans today--if you are looking for new try and buy American--Many people do not realize that the money they spend for a new vehicle if foreign made goes back to the orgianting country.  Enough on my vent.

I know even with two kids, I love the van aspect for I can haul kids, groceries or even other cargo.  I can also take the whole family and my parents with us to say the zoo and not have to take two vehicles or be totally crammed in.

One of the safer vans on the market is the Ford Freestyle or Ford Windstar if you look older model.  Also I do know that they do make other very safe brands.  One think I do like about the Freestar is the conversation mirror that they have in the overhead console--makes it easier to see what your munchkins are doing without looking behind you.

Another feature to look for--at least for me is captain's chairs in the middle.  Makes it easier to get to the back seat.

Good luck on shopping for a vehicle.
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Actually, the 2006 Kia Sedona got the highest safety rating, so yes it is the safest van on the road ; ) Check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they rate the vehicles and have become a nationally recognized authority. While the parts are made overseas, it is assembled in the US, so its sale does put money back into our economy and it doesn't cost near as much as the other minivans. In addition, it comes with the best warranty available, 10 years/100,000 miles. I got a fully loaded, brand new luxury model for 21,000 including my $5000 rebate. Try finding anything comparible in that price range with the features and safety rating. I'll accept the fact the parts are made overseaes for the peace of mind I get knowing my kids are safer.

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yes it does LOOK good on paper...but if it were that easy, Iraq would be the 51st state!  It is not made in America.  It is made in Korea, and if you want to drive around in it, that is your perogative, but, YOU are NOT supporting OUR local economy!
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Did I buy it locally? Yep! That put money7 into the dealerships pocet and the state of Washington. Do I service it locally? Yep,! That means money going into the local service stations pocket. Do I put fuel in it locally? Yep! The money I put into the gas tank goes to fatten the wallets of big American Business. Do I shop locally? Yep! Every dime I shop I shop locally. Sounds like I am supporting my economy every step of the way.

Don't complain to me about supporting our economy. What kind of cell phone do you use? What kind of television? Where are your kids' toys made? Get off your high horse. You can't stand the fact I was right about the safety rating and they are in the process of making their assembly plant in Georgia. They have a corporate base in California and dealerships across the country. All of which give back to their local economies. There is no such thing as buying strictly American or foreign anymore.
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I drive a Ford.  lmao  

Just wanted to lighten the mood.
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After looking online at all the different mini vans, I do like the Sedona, and they do have a high crash safety rating, and they are within my price range!  Thanks again.  I'm going to go look at them on a few different lots to see what I can find.  I think we are going with either a 05 or 06, I don't want a brand new one since I am looking at saving money.  Thanks again.  Keep the suggestions coming though.
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The 06 models tend to have a lot of rebates and stuff this far into the current model year. I am willing to bet you can get a sweet rebate and interest package.

Good luck! I couldn't be happier with mine.
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and I thought you were smart....I guess not when it comes to purchasing MINI VANS!  You are a SALESPERSONS dream!!!
We all HAVE to buy gas, we all have to shop locally, you chose to buy foreign, not me.  I do check all the tags to make sure they were manufactured as locally as possible, no matter what the cost.  I want to support my FUTURE and my children's FUTURE!
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my ex sil puts 3 car seat in the backseat of her ford taurus. you have to look for different types of boosters. some are more compact, like without the extra cup holders and such. i had a chrysler cirrus years ago it is the same, and it had a fairly roomy backseat. but with all you have to carry around maybe a larger car is better. lol my dh is in the gulf for six months and he drives a toyota and i have an isuzu lol. check out where your fruit comes from too. some come from chili, many other countries.  it is the size not age that makes the biggest safety factor. my son is 8 and is well over 4'10. he wouldnt fit into a booster lol. and if i win the lottery im going to get a gas guzzling air polluting hummer lifted 10 feet in the air lol. i dont mean to get into your debate, im just finally not feeling like crying after 4 days!
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We are in the same boat, we have a teen, a 3.5 year old and a baby due in August.  Can't fit them all in the back seat.  Poor daughter is squished.  We looked at the Kias, but we like the Dodge vans the best.  We will be buying late model used.
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at least the hummer is north american!
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dont worry your teen wont want to go anywhere with the family soon so you wont need a larger car haha. after my sis and grew my parents bought a 2 door sporty car lol. they said we were on our own. sometimes budget is a must. if it werent buy whatever suits you best. that was a general statement not to you anxious. im wondering with my talk lately.
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his toyota was made in this country. it all works out. i understand supporting and wanting to keep things american. i was highly disappointed when i found out the coach purses my dh buys me were made in china haha. $300 for a purse made in a sweat shop lol. what about target? i heard something about target and france?? dont know much about that.

andi you posted a bit ago about bumpers and sids. i dont want to go back, im going to highjack this for a min and ask how that relates again. im thinking of doing what annie brook said and using it (as it usually comes in the darn set anyway) on the window.

im sorry im enjoying myself today. im not puking or crying and the anger with ex fh is over for the moment lol.
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Sad woman. Let it go, she has come to a decision. It doesn't always have to be about you. I spent a year researching mini-vans and i found the perfect fit for us.As you said earlier, it is MY decision. So what? My children's future is not in jeopardy because i bought a Kia, if anything their future is safer because i bought a van with the highest safety rating. I would rather drive them around knowing that if I am in an accident they will fair better than if they were in an American made vehicle.

My husband and most of his family work for the US Government and have all served in the US Military, you can't support  America more than that. I can rest easy at night knowing we are doing our part.

Keep ranting if you must, I am not listening anymore. You are far too bitter for me to care about what you have to say.
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You spent a YEAR researching MINI vans???  You should've saved so you could buy North American!  LOL
Sorry, couldn't resist, I know YOU aren't listening, but others are!  HA
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Current research shows a link between re-breathing CO2, seratonin levels, and SIDS. Bumpers can cause a similar issue as blankets and pillows. Rebreathing CO2 causes hypoxia and can be fatal much sooner for a baby as their lung capacity is very small.

Use them as a decorative border or something. Perhaps put a small amount of the bumper next to the changing table for baby to look at while being changed.
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i know i have been very dense lately (chalking up to pregancy LOL) so the breathing of co2 and bumpers means they arent getting proper oxygen because of the bumper? this is if they are rolled up close to it right? my baby is coming in dec, and i used blanket with my son years ago, so how do you keep them warm? i guess i compare them to what im comfortable with, and for me its blankets and more blankets. is there a site you know of i can research this? my dh has also talked of buying me a kia mv. im not sure i am ready for a van lol. but this will only make 2!! dh is the king of consumer reports! had i looked at it before i bought my stupid isuzu, i would have known that it would have been better to ride a wagon lol.
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Tahoe's and Suburban's also make great vehicles for hauling kids, groceries, etc.   We got a great deal 1.5 yrs ago on a tahoe and we get the same gas mileage with it as our car.  
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