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Something isn't right, what could it be?

My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been acting very strange recently. She has a secensory disorder but this doesn't go with it. She has recently been staring into space as if she is looking at something for ten to fifteen minutes no facial expression, vacant eyes sitting perfectly still. I can sit in front of her and try talking to her to get absolutely no response. When she comes back to herself she automatically starts crying and becomes very clingy like she is scared. Also when she is starting to fall asleep she will whimper and cry in her sleep. Sometimes she will be asleep for hrs and sit up screaming and crying though her eyes are closed and I will pick her up trying to soothe her talking to her softly letting her know that I am there and sometimes it takes almost two hrs for her to open her eyes. When she does she is shaking and hyperventilating. I did research and it pointed to night terrors though that doesn't make sense. We haven't had anything happen recently, so I know its not trauma and the only change that has happened in the last few months is she now sleeps in a toddler bed and in her own room. But she seems to like the new change, has any other mother had this happen or know what could be causing this? Any advice is welcome.  
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I don't know how religious you are or how you're going to take this but it sounds like demonic spirits. If I were you I would find someone who knows how to pray over her
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I think these are two different things,  moonkeeper.

I agree with your initial thought that she is having night terrors - which is a sleep disorder where the child is "in between" sleep and wakefulness.  This usually happens in the early part of the night - so if the child goes to bed at 8,  you will usually see it around 10 - 11 o'clock.  It's not always caused by trauma,  and tends to run in families where sleepwalking is also seen,  or other sleep disturbances.

The daytime staring sounds exactly like "absence epilepsy",  or petit mal seizures.  Google it and see if you agree.
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Oh wait,  I just reread.  You said the staring lasts 10-15 minutes.  Are you sure it's that long?  That's a REALLY long time to stare motionless.  Have you timed them?

Petit mal seizures last under a minute.
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I have timed them and usually they last 7-10 minutes more recently, 5-7. It only happens if she is really tired or upset I've noticed. I have an appointment with her doctor to have it checked out.As sometimes when she comes to she says ouch holding herself. Making me think a form of seizures.
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Do you have a way to video these episodes?  I think a doctor would be very interested in witnessing one.

Best wishes.
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I have a camera on my phone but that's it. I'm just hoping that I can figure out what is going on.
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