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Speaking of names...what do you think?

I didn't want to take away from the previous poster and her name, so I thought I would ask what people thought about the name we have picked out and ask what you all are naming yours! We have decided on Broderick James Stam. We will (and already are) call him Brody for short because we like how that sounds better. But just like his Dad, whose name is Benjamin but is called Ben and myself whose name is Jennifer but I am called Jen...there is a longer name that he can go with if he likes it. I can SO see myself in a few years yelling "Broderick James Stam" when he is in trouble (: But of course, he is going to be a sweet little boy and will never cause us trouble!!
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I like it. I used to work at tutor time and one of the little boys had the name Brody (So cute)!

I don't know if I'm going to have a boy or a girl yet but I was thinking that if its a boy I want to name him Caden Scott and if its a girl I wanna name her Aspen Marie. Of course my hubby just laughed when I told him my ideas an said "why don't we name her Redwood instead if its a girl." Pssf like he has any say in the matter! :D
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we are also going to have a pattern to our names we are not going to do the every name starts with the same letter we thought we would do the next letter in the alphabet for our kids my husbands name is John, Kylie (DD) Logan (DS) with the next child we will do a M name i like Madelyn and Megan for a boy i like Mason or Miles. My name is Amanda so i am kinda out of the loop.  
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Funny you say that! I did that unintentionally, only not in order. My first daughter I named Chelsey...second daughter Summer...third daughter Alexa and fourth daughter Brooke. So we called them the ABC'S (:
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I think that is cute my boy is going to be named Dennis Preston White. the Dennis is after his daddy, the preston is after my late mother (her maiden name) !!!!
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i like it, and of course he won't cause trouble, not that sweet little angel. lol. :P

i have a naming conundrum too but i'll wait a bit longer. so hard to names twins!

i don't know anyone else named Brody or Broderick, so i think he will have a little uniqueness there. good job :)
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I love the name! Great choice :)
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That is so funny!  I am just TTC, but we have decided that if we ever have a boy we are going to call him Brody James!  :)
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WEIRD...it's not a REAL common name so that is kinda funny.
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Just a comment on the name Aspen... I know a lady with an Aspen and she gets teased and called As..s. Since it's the whole first half of the name, and people often shorten names to the first half,---Jennifer=Jen, Benjamin=Ben, etc.----- it can be a problem.
I also knew an April that got called Ape.
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I just wanted to say I love that name...it is the name of my daughter, and Madelyn is exactly how we spell it, because we wanted to avoid the confusion of madeline being pronounced Mada- Line. We didn't know anyone named Madelyn at the time, but since I have been on this forum, I hear ppl all the time saying that is what they will name their daughter or that is already their daughters name. Oh, well, we love it.
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I like it!  I don't know what I'm having yet but I think it's another girl.  If so I'm naming her Mercedes Esmerelda, Mercedes after my bf's mother and Esmerelda just because I like it!  If it's a boy I have decided for sure, but I want the name Xavier in there somewhere.  Emilio Xavier is what I'm thinking.  WIth the last name De la Cruz Gutierrez my child is going to have a long name no matter what.
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That is so funny that you have all those names! My best friends name is Jen, and her first daughter's name is Alexa, and her 3rd daughters name is Brooke! That is almost uncanny! Those are all very nice names..Is your middle name Rachel by any chance?? LOL, That is my best friends middle name, thats why I ask...:)
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That is weird! Three of the same names! My middle name is Nicole though (: The girls full names are Chelsey Catherine, Summer Nicole, Alexa Rose and Brooke Elizabeth. I love them all!
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my DD name is Dominique, after my god rest his soul favorite uncle dominick, my next childs name will be.. Ayla for a girl, and Oliver for a boy
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Even more weird: My middle name is Elizabeth and My daughter's middle name is Rose!! This is almost spooky! Those are all very nice names..Another wierd thing I noticed...My best friend jen's middle name is Rachel, as mentioned above, and she also gave her second child (1st daughter) Her middle name too, like you..wow!! crazt connections, its a small world after all!~bops
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Thats a very cute name! My baby boy is going to be named Ashton Jerome... hubby wanted to name him Exatly after him but his name is Ashley Jerome and I know hubby got picked on alot in school so I dont wanna put my lil man through that.
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i love brody james. it was one of my boy names. dh did not like it though(dumb reason being he didn't want bj as initials). i love james as a middle name. we named our ds brendan thomas(thomas is fil's name), and now i can't imagine him as anything else. anyway, i do love brody and i love broderick as a full name too. i also love chelsea for a girl.
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I think thats a great choice!!   You have great names for all your kids.  I had picked the name Aiden out of a Nora Roberts book years ago but when we got pregnant my husband didn't like it and wanted Logan.  Up until right before my u/s that was the name...Logan Thomas.  I got my way and he decided he likes Ayden Thomas.  If is was a girl it would have been Abigale Camille (after both our grandmothers)
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