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Still worried I may be pregnant

I know this may seem stupid, but I can't find information close enough to what I need help with. I don't want to be pregnant...
Had period on May 7-13. 31 days later (as expected) got my period on June 7-12
*The June 7-12 period was on time, but I had no severe cramps on the first day (as I usually do) but instead had a dull ache the entire time
*The period was odd in pattern/color: started light and bright red and then became heavy for about 2 days and then light again. Lasted 6 days
*Periods are usually: heavy all the way through until the last day which is very light. Are always 7 days.
Before my June period started, my PMS was different: was extremely tired to the point of needing to sleep from 4PM-8PM everyday and then go to bed at 10PM and sleep until 6:30AM. This was very strange. Also, most of my other PMS mirrored what early pregnancy symptoms are.

I guess what I'm worried about is whether June 7-12 was really a period or something else. I've been reading up on the different types of bleeding and I can't tell if it was a period or a different type (I know you cannot get an actual period during pregnancy with the whole shedding of the uterus' lining and all). I haven't taken a HPT yet because I'm not convinced enough that I am, just a little worried. At this point I should be (if actually pregnant) 5 weeks along. My only symptom is being extremely tired (less than before bleeding but still tired) but, I have read stories of women who have no symptoms and get bleeding like their period and still had healthy babies. Can someone offer a little insight into the bleeding vs period issue? What does the bleeding look like/feel like as opposed to a period? Because I am still under 20, is it possible that my strange period may just be a coincidence? Any help is appreciated!
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It sounds like a period to me and there are tons of things like stress that can make your periods different.  Usually if there is bright red bleeding during pregnancy, then something unusual is going on.  The bleeding in pregnancy that is "normal" is usually light, pink or brown, indicating old blood.  

If you are worried, just take an HPT.
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