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Stinging sensation in right breast

Hi ladies.  I have a stinging sensation in my right breast.  Sometimes it feels almost like an itch but then when I go to touch it I realize it hurts way too bad.  Has anyone felt an almost burning sensation in their breasts?  it only happens sometimes but drives me nuts!
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Are you by any chance preggo or going to get AF? That would happen to me.Everytime I was about to get af ..burning boobs.When I became preg. that was my first symptom.I could not even touch them.Hormones can cause sensitivity in breast.If your still concerned a call to you dr. would'nt hurt.
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Sorry I didn't include I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  It's not the typical sore boobs from AF or the beginning of pregnancy it's a bit sharper and more THERE.  Almost seems as if it could itch but it hurts too bad...
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I was a DD before pregnancy, I think it's them growing and developing more so if it's your first baby.  Your ducts have to develop in order to make the milk.  I think i have grown like two cup sizes since last July. lol
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Then yes Girl its the pregnancy! Ouch,I know how you feel.Sometimes they hurt,sometimes there fine,then other times I feel as if Something is stabbing me.It is the hormones,also the ducts gettin ready for breast feeding.Wait till you have baby and BF...OUCH-ie.Take care.
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