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Stressed about Avery's immunizations today-opinions regarding autism and vaccines

I am stressing today because Avery goes for her 1 year checkup. I know she will be getting a whole bunch of immunizations, one of them being MMR.  There has been alot of attention in the media regarding vaccines and autism.  Just curious to hear what other moms think about this topic. I know the risk of getting a childhood disease is much greater but I am still cautious.
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I wrote you a pm.  I think that they have ruled out the vaccines as a link to autism.  I think she will be just fine.  It's probably the same as the bpa in bottles.  Doesn't add up to much.  Good luck dear and keep me posted on Avery's growth, I'm dying to see how big she is.
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Thanks mami. I will let you know how big my girlie is, hopefully not off the charts. lol
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Hey darlin.  I know what you mean, every time Gabe goes for his shots I cringe but I know he needs the vaccines.  I agree with mami, I think they have ruled out autism in regards to most vaccines.  Good luck today...we are thinking about you two!
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i just recently took edward for his MMR shot. he got it at 15 months along with chicken pox and hepA. don't worry. children need to be vaccinated. period. if you know and trust your dr., trust that they know a good schedule for avery to follow and trust that they would bring any causes for concern to your attention. i have to tell myself every time edward goes in for shots that i am doing the right thing and that the dr. wouldn't do it if it was wrong. i watched him like a hawk for weeks after those shots, ya know, because the MMR is supposively the "big" shot. he is just fine - as of now. so, try not to stress. i know - easier said than done.
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Thanks girl! I have done some research and there are so many conflicting views. It is hard to know what to believe anymore. I know she definitely needs the vaccines, it just scares me. Thanks for the well wishes!! :)
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Thanks, I know it is absolutely necessary but it still scares me. I am glad to hear that I am not alone. :)
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My son had his one year check-up last month and we decided to postpone the MMR until he's at least 2 years old. I don't know if I believe that it is that particular shot that triggers Autism, but I do believe that all of the immunizations have to have SOME sort of effect on kids. Knowing that kids have to have 36 immunizations by age 5 these days, compared to the TEN we had growing up is very alarming.
I don't know if it's one shot, or a combination of having so many in such a short period of time. But I wasn't taking the chance. My son is already showing signs of language delay. I would rather wait and see if he already HAS some form of Autism than get the shot, THEN he is diagnosed. At least I'll know it wasn't the shot that caused it if he ends up having it. Otherwise, I feel I'd live the rest of my life "wondering". Especially since boys are more apt to have it than girls.

That's just my take on the whole thing. I respect everyone's personal choice in the matter.  It's a shame we have to worry about them in our belly for over 9 months, then we have to worry for two more years to see if they suddenly start acting Autistic between ages 1 and 2.  So scary!
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Unfortunately, the worry continues on for the rest of their lives and ours.  It's tough being a mommy.
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It is tough being a mommy!! Very tough! Thanks for the input, gotta run for now!
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i vaccinate and would never think twice, its  a must.  id like to see studies on autism in kids who werent vac'd.
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Just got back from the pediatrician's office. Only 1 shot today-thank god! She got the last pneumococal vaccine. She doesn't get anymore shots until her 15 month checkup.  

Perty- I also believe vaccines are completely necessary but it still worries me sometimes. Good point about the studies on kids with autism that weren't vaccinated.
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Just look in the news, day after day there are outbreaks of previously iradicated diseases popping up. As for the change in the numbers...ask your parents and grandparents about their life when they feared these oftentimes fatal or greatly destructive diseases.

Every shot, every time for my kids. Not only am I protecting my kids, I am also protecting the children to parents who opt out (why should the kids suffer?) and medically fragile people who cannot get them.
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I would like to add something here...
My friend has a baby who turned one on May 1st. Before he was able to make it to his one year check-up, he ended up with Chicken Pox (less than two weeks away from his appt!)

It turns out that noone in his daycare had it (that they know of). However, his older sister is in the first or second grade, and kids had been having it left and right in in her class, even though they were vaccinated. It's really not that I don't think vaccinations are a great thing, but apparently they don't always work either.

I do plan on having all of my son's shots, but I am choosing to wait on the MMR for personal reasons. I think it's awesome that with today's technology we can be protected from things that our ancestors would have given their right arm for. But technology is always advancing, and a lot of times it even contradicts itself after "New Studies" prove that such and such isn't good for your health as first thought.

Those things scare me, too.

Also, I read an article in a Reader's Digest that talked about how the FDA doesn't spend enough time and research before stamping something with a "Pass" or "Fail"...such as the medicine, Vioxx, I believe?
Just because the FDA and doctors say something it so, doesn't mean I believe it.
One guy who used to work for the FDA admitted that the FDA has too many things to "approve" and not enough manpower to get all the research/tests/trial runs, done properly. Most stuff gets a quick review and then hits the shelves.

Here's one example of what I'm talking about (not about vaccines, but it does regard children's health)

I'm not trying to start something, but I did feel the need to share my thoughts...

Again, this is just my opinion.
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Vaccinations have been in development and in use for decades. But the varicella requires a booster at 5, something many parents are not aware of for some reason.

Vioxx was a successful med for many people, but as with anything, there are people who should not take a medication for various reasons. Unfortunately several factors came into play that many were not aware of. A shame for those who really benefited from the use of it. But even tylenol can be fatal in some people.

An ounce of prevention is worth much more when there is an outbreak.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. It is nice to have an exchange that doesn't turn into a screaming match on here ;-)
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They did not give her the MMR vaccine?  How did she make out?  Eva goes on Tuesday I am so scared.  I do have a friend who's son had a horrible reaction the DPat shot (or whatever it is called).  His poor little body went into shutdown and he stopped breathing on his way to the ER with his mom.  The ambulance had to meet them on the highway.  This was over a year ago and today he is FINE.  That story will live with me forever.....  But I will still vaccinate.  I held off during her episodes but she is all better now.

The things you never though of before having kids... This is one of them.  I never thought about shots or illness just pigtails and dressed.  It is so hard being a parent.  Just to think that I LET someone poke her with a needle and make her cry.  ARGH -
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Thanks for sharing that info.
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Ahhh-how scary!! She only got the last pneumococcal vaccine. She will get the others (including MMR) at her 15 month checkup, which will be more like 16 months because they didn't have any available appointments until then-whatever!  She weighed only 24 lbs. which I was suprised and she was 30 inches long she is in the 85th percentile for weight and 80th for height so she is still a pretty big girl. Tomorrow is Eva's big day-yay!!!! I bet you are busy preparing!! E-mail me some pics!!
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I know what you mean...the stress of being a parent.  We constantly worry about everything from the diaper rash cream you use, to how we lay them down, to vaccinations, to SIDS, to bottles with bpa.  It's exhausting.  They always come out with something new to make us worry even more.  You want to enjoy life with your child but worrying about every little thing takes the fun out of being a parent.  I can only imagine when they are teenagers and they leave the house to go to a party or just to the store.  The thoughts that will go through our heads then.  Even now at 30 my mom still calls me like crazy if I'm not home when I say I'm going to be home.  It's never ending.
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My mom is the same way. Sometimes I feel like a 30 year old teenager the way she worries about me but I guess someday we will understand. No matter how old your kids are you still worry-at least that is what she tells me. I am sure she is right, she usually is!! If Avery and I go to my parents house my mom makes me call when we get home so that she knows we made it home safely.
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Eva went to Pulminary yesterday - she was 20lbs 6oz and 28" long.  I dont know how she ended up being a peanut.  Her Asthma is worse.  They increased her meds and hope to bring it under control in the next two months and then in about 6 months start to bring her down and off all meds by the age of 2.  That is with the "outgrow" part coming into effect.  Lets hope she outgrows it.  Her dad has asthma and allergies bad and I have eczema bad - she has all of those.  Her allergies cannot be diagnosed until 2.  Doctor said she is showing signs already.  Avery is such a cutie pie, looks like she will be taking control of the classroom when she goes to school.  She is going to be tall like her dad.  

Worry Worry Worry, that is all I do.  I NEVER would even think of putting my dd bottle in the microwave.  I have friends who did and it was 2nd nature to them.  I thought of them as nuts.  Well here we are a year later to find that all along I was poisening my dd by putting her bottle on the stove.  The toxins from the bottle in the milk.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  you really cant do anything right.  Next baby will have glass bottles.  They dont sell them in stores you have to special order them.
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It's scary but you should vaccinate.  I think that it's more age related then a 'true' proven link with autism.  I think autism is usually diagnosed around the same time as these vaccines more than anything...

Abby has always had her vaccines...she's always been fine but I'm not a Dr.

Actually vaccines are the least thing I worry about...all these new cases of scarlett fever and fifths disease, hand foot and mouth disease....all these things that were few and far between are rampant now....wonder why...because parents are chosing not to vaccinate....just wondering...obvisouly I don't know for certain....but it's funny all these things that were thought to be history are coming back into our childrens lives.

My mom was shocked to hear Abby had scarlett fever.    She hadn't heard of a case since she was a kid. Her brother had it, bad....as well as another fever on top of it...he suffered brain damage....never got passed the level of a 14 yr old boy.  Fevers back then were so dangerous because they didn't know how to control them like we do today with medicine....

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I am hoping that Avery does not get my allergy problems. I also had asthma as a child but I "outgrew" it. Although my brother had allergies/asthma as a child and he still has both. I have horrible allergies-got allergy shots all through school and they did not help. This time of year is miserable for me even with medication-today is the best day this week. I am hoping that Avery is like her dad who has never had allergy problems/asthma. My brother is allergic to eggs, nuts and tomatoes. My nephew is the same way but my niece is fine. No one else in the family ever had those allergies. I am hoping Avery is not as tall as her dad. Shane is 6'4". If she is she will probably be the first girl in the NBA or the first girl to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. haha lol
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I know, I microwaved it thinking that it was just that the milk gets hot in certain spots and cold in others.  I thought that was the issue, not the leaching.  I know it's exhausting.  

I hope Eva gets better.  It must be so difficult and scary worrying about her asthma.  She outgrew her seizures though, right?
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I would never not vaccinate, I was just curious to hear other peoples opinions on the subject. Oh my gosh I can't believe Abby had Scarlet fever-how rare. I am glad that she is ok.
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