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Suppressed Research on Marijuana in Pregnancy

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oops wrong one
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DREHER'S JAMAICAN PREGNANCY STUDY More Suppression of Marijuana Research In the 1980s Melanie Dreher and colleagues at UMass Amherst began a longitudinal study to assess the well-being of infants and children whose mothers used cannabis during pregnancy. The researchers lived in rural Jamaican communities among the women they were studying. Thirty cannabis-using pregnant women were matched for age and socio-economic status with 30 non-users. Dreher et al compared the course of their pregnancies and their neo-natal outcomes, using various standard scales. No differences were detected three days after birth. At 30 days the exposed babies did better than the non-exposed on all the scales and significantly better on two of the scales (having to do with autonomic stability and reflexes). Follow-up studies were conducted when the kids were four and five (just before entering school and after). The moms were defined as light users (1-10 spliffs per week), moderate (11-20), and heavy (21-70). Consumption of ganja tea was also taken into account. The children were measured at age four using three sets of criteria: the McCarthy scale, which measures verbal ability, perceptivity, quantitative skills, memory and motor; a "behavioral style" scale measuring temperament, based on a 72-item questionnaire filled out by the child's primary caregiver; and a "quality of housing" index to indicate socioeconomic status. "No Differences at All." Click here to read the full study resultsYou can watch her explain the results in this you tube video..
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omg ok here is the link
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You are never going to convince me that mary jane use is acceptable in pregnancy.  Maybe when a reliable institution like the Mayo clinic, Toronto Sick kids etc, come out in favour of it.  You are obviously just trying to stir up trouble on the forum as you well know how the ladies feel about this issue.

I don't consider utube a reliabel source of medical data.
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Many people can always try to find an argument for what they are not willing to give up.  I don't think it is worth the risk to do any drug especially an illegal one, unless perescribed by my Dr.  
Well said anxious
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I wouldn't use any unecessary drug during pregnancy.  Why would anyone?

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