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Suppressed Research on Marijuana in Pregnancy

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oops wrong one
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DREHER'S JAMAICAN PREGNANCY STUDY More Suppression of Marijuana Research In the 1980s Melanie Dreher and colleagues at UMass Amherst began a longitudinal study to assess the well-being of infants and children whose mothers used cannabis during pregnancy. The researchers lived in rural Jamaican communities among the women they were studying. Thirty cannabis-using pregnant women were matched for age and socio-economic status with 30 non-users. Dreher et al compared the course of their pregnancies and their neo-natal outcomes, using various standard scales. No differences were detected three days after birth. At 30 days the exposed babies did better than the non-exposed on all the scales and significantly better on two of the scales (having to do with autonomic stability and reflexes). Follow-up studies were conducted when the kids were four and five (just before entering school and after). The moms were defined as light users (1-10 spliffs per week), moderate (11-20), and heavy (21-70). Consumption of ganja tea was also taken into account. The children were measured at age four using three sets of criteria: the McCarthy scale, which measures verbal ability, perceptivity, quantitative skills, memory and motor; a "behavioral style" scale measuring temperament, based on a 72-item questionnaire filled out by the child's primary caregiver; and a "quality of housing" index to indicate socioeconomic status. "No Differences at All." Click here to read the full study resultsYou can watch her explain the results in this you tube video..
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omg ok here is the link
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You are never going to convince me that mary jane use is acceptable in pregnancy.  Maybe when a reliable institution like the Mayo clinic, Toronto Sick kids etc, come out in favour of it.  You are obviously just trying to stir up trouble on the forum as you well know how the ladies feel about this issue.

I don't consider utube a reliabel source of medical data.
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Many people can always try to find an argument for what they are not willing to give up.  I don't think it is worth the risk to do any drug especially an illegal one, unless perescribed by my Dr.  
Well said anxious
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I wouldn't use any unecessary drug during pregnancy.  Why would anyone?

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Inever personley done marijuana.That said thay did put my 5yr old on the marijuana pill when he first started cemo..it was horrible for him he was constley geting sick and eatting and crying, he gained a huge amount of weight...thay finley took him off and put him on katro...I would never do that to a unborn child,U have know idia what it dose to them (i dont eather) Im just saying i dont think there little bodys can take it. what makes u fill good my make the baby fill horrible.. sorry my 2 cents
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I totally agree with your first statement, love.  And anxious-so well said!
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I will never be convinced that I should use Marijuana during pregnancy either.  Smoking PERIOD is bad during pregnancy.  If you are an adult and use it for an illness, that is different story.
I am sure I could find an article and write my own paper on how It's fine to take Meth.during pregnancy.
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what about the tar etc you inhale? smoking pot contains more things than just the mind altering thc ya know? and it is unfiltered and harser than a cigarette. if a cigarette is a big no no, i can't possibly imagine how pot would be okay.

one last thought. a study at age 4 is hardly conclusive. did these kids get followed into adulthood?

(i don't have time to watch youtube at work)

it's just not worth the potential risks to me
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I agree -- NO drugs or alcohol...it all travels through the placenta.  Do you really want a drunk or stoned fetus?  Gross!!!

If you need help breaking a bad habit -- please see your ob/gyn -- they can help or find someone who can.

Please take care of yourself -- and at the minimum, do the best for your baby.  It's only nine months!!!
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I hope that this doesn't influence any naive women to actually smoke weed while they are pregnant. Its one thing if you choose to do drugs while pregnant, but why would you want to tell people that its ok? I think thats pretty low......
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i would never even consider it even if the doctors told me it was ok.  It is a drug no matter what.  Jeez, I am afraid to drink herbal tea....let alone smoke one.  i think some woman forget that really you are only a vessel for another life, it doesnt give you the right to do to that life whatever you see fit.  It is your job to love and care for that lil being in the most natural and healthy way you can.  Marijuana is natural until you light it up and inhale.  Chemically altered after that point.  
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like chellybeans said, you dont think there might be something in your pot? its so different than the 60's there has to be more.  anyway you seem to always want to discuss pot, is it your cant give it up or you seriously think its one of the food groups?  you have put too much wasted time into researching this, if you cant stop anything for 9 months you have a problem (mine is medhelp). and let me tell you if you smoked and were high and then got into your car and hit my kid.....
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this just annoys me to no end.  are you so unhappy in your life that you  need to be stoned everyday to cope? you dont need to bring children into this life.  you do realize that if the cops were to come to your house for any reason and find pot your kids would be taken from you? that is ok with you?  im appalled that you keep putting this into the forums.  anything you say to protect your rights to smoke pot are immature and selfish and wasted time.  why dont you take your energy and focus it into a healthier way.
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*dons protective gear and waits*
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A study of 30 stoned babies ending at age 4 is hardly reputable. I will echo the others, there is no way this bunk study will change anyone's mind...unless they are stoned and looking for an excuse to continue smoking a doobie.

****flings poo stained undies at peek***
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What was the point of this post?? did I miss another post by her that had to w/ smoking pot or something?? Like others, I am appalled that something like this would be posted...I am more appalled, because ShamansMommy is a mommy..is she saying she smoked pot during the pregnancy of her daughter?? This coming(If my memory serves me correctly, I appologize in advance for possibly being wrong, but I am pretty sure) from a mother who was concerned about her mother giving her newborn infant a combo of butter and honey...Those of course, having their own issues, but to be so concerned over that, but defending the use of pot during pregnancy...what the heck?? I just don't get some people!! 'nough said!
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Oh, the study was done in Jamaica!! In 1980-I see now, guess that makes it ok!! JEEEZ...
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If this is the life in the womb this baby has to go through, I can't imagine what all it will be exposed to once born.  A stoned mom cannot possibly make the best decisions in everyday life for her child leave alone in the case of an emergency.  I have seen kids raised in this kind of enviroment, how sad for you but how much more sad for the innocent children.  Not only the nasty habit of smoking weed but also the influence of people who usually hang around in these enviroments.  If you don't love yourself enough to stop then do it for your children....born and unborn.  Surround yourself with new friends who will be good influences on you and your children.  People who love you for you, not their next high.  If you think that is wrong....cut the weed off or quit smoking it with those who supply it and see how many split.  The drug pusher only loves you for your money.   I don't know you and am not saying that you smoke pot, but with this thread I would say there is a good chance.  Also, others who are walking the line on this issue don't need to be dupe into going ahead and doing something stupid.  I have no claws sticking out here, I am truely concerned for the children.

Lovethebops...you have a good point, a study in Jamaica on marijuana!  That would be like a study done in Columbia saying that cocaine was okay....lol!
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she has a previous thread where she said it was a part of her daily life.  she refuses to listen to the facts because then it might make her look bad.  your right lovefamily a stoned mom cant make good choices.  legal or not you cant so this everyday.  where is her kid when she is smoking it?  are they right there getting high too? my claws are out for the well being of the kids.  its so sad that so many people feel its ok to do this or that when they are pregnant.  oh and she said once that any of us that eat fast food are giving out children poison haha.
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Where was that?? I must have missed it...which day was it on?...I could go back and look...I am just shocked! Did she say she did this while pregnant, or just since she had her baby?

Maybe she should move to Jamaica and be w/ her kind....those children sound just fine in the study, nothing to worry about there!! I cannot believe some mothers!!

Do you remember her post on ''Sugar *******''?? that was her I think....
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Sorry, didn't think they would star it...lets try that again...sugar tittie$
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actually she did say she had smoked pot during pregnancy and her baby was one of the most chilled babies...etc. i will find it.

i think her point was to give us some facts supporting her opinion...problem is..well we had already made our decisions and let it go.

i hate to see some young naive girl make her and her babies life choices based on some stupid video
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