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OK, I am exactly 6 wks pregnant.  My first 2 pregnancies, normal, 3rd I had a missed miscarriage, Now I am 6wks pregnant again.
I AM HUGE all READY!  I look like I am 4 months pregnant!!!!  It wasn't like this at all with my other pregnancies.  I figure that I am just showing so fast because this is my 4th pregnancy or I am going to have twins?!!  Twins do run in my family.......

Those of you pregnant/or have had twins, how early did you show, etc??????
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Well right now there is nothing to show.  You're baby or babies are still VERY tiny.  It could be bowel distention though.
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Well I know that! lol  It's just so weird how bloated my stomach is!  I just wanted other people who were pregnant with twins or had twins to share.
Common sense tells me that the baby/babies are too small, but I just wanted shared stories.

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this is my second baby, and i have to say i was soooo sure it had to be twins lol.  my tummy has been so large since very early.  im 15 weeks tomarrow and only gained 4 pounds so i am guessing its bowel,,bloat, something. you may very well have twins, but its not determined by tummy size, its by uterus size.  so most likely if your tummy is what looks bigger, its bloating. either way, congrats!
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You normally start to show sooner with each subsequent pregnancy. I didnt show until 20 weeks with my first son and then my second son, i started to show around 3 months or so, with my last pregnancy, which was a m/c, i popped as soon as I found out i was preggers. With this one, I popped as soon as I found out i was preggers as well. If you are small framed that also has alot to do with it too. The smaller you are, the easier you "show" because there is not a whole lot for your uterus to hide behind. But at this point its mostly bloating. :-)
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When I was pregnant with twins, in the early stages you couldn't even tell I was pregnant.  My shape was the same as the equivalent stage of pregnancy would have been with a singleton.  I you start showing differently with twins later on, not right away.
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i am 11 weeks pregnant and scared i just found out today but after i found out i came home and started bleeding not heavy but kind of crampy is that normal?
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