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Tell us about yourself-update

Hi everyone. I thought that it was a great idea when peekawho asked this a while back and I've seen some people that I don't know or can't remember, quite frankly, anything about. Others, update and let everyone know what's going on in your life right now, a little about yourself. I always find this interesting and especially now that we have IM, we can have more to talk about :-)  
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My name is Jen I have a almost 3 year old daughter Brianna Faye and a 8 month old son Jacob Michael.  I work as a receptionist and am currently looking for another job.  I am 25 and live in PA.  I have a boyfriend of 9 years.

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yes, good idea! its been a while since this was done...
i am claire from portsmouth in the uk. i have a dd called katie who is 2 and 7 months and a ds called thomas who is 13 months and am expecting my 3rd baby 1st feb 2008, (currently 22w4d) no idea of the sex, this is my 6th pregnancy after we lost our first 3 angels:(
this will be our last baby for definite but i am glad they are all close in age at least they will want to do similar things as they get older.
happy to chat whenever im around!!!
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I'm tmv, tina. I live in Northeastern Ohio with my dh, 13 y/o ds, 9 y/o dd. SAHM now after 15 years being an RN in labor/delivery/recovery/pp/and nbnursery. Babysitting a 2 y/o girl and 11 month boy since they were 7 weeks and 10 weeks, respectively. Have babysat for many years while off and on full-time, part-time,etc with work. Family comes first to be, so we sacrifice a bit to being here to be a taxi for my kids to extracurricular activities. My dh is in management of an oil and gas co. and spends around 12 hours a day at the office and approx 6 on a weekend. So, basicaly I feel like a single mom! Love having kids around, would have had many more if my body would tolerate it and we could afford it! Ran onto this site while researching Cleveland Clinic dr's for meniere's disease. My dad has had this for approx. 30 some odd years. I love this site and jump to it everytime the babies are sleeping or are playing around my feet.
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tell us about yourself!
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teehee. I think we posted at the same time. What a cowinkidink!
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Hello, my name is Ashley. I have a ds, named Hayden, who is three and a half. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with baby # 2, and I am ready to be in the second trimester! I live in southwestern ohio, in the suburbs of Cincinnati, and I work at a flooring company fulltime as a receptionist/administrative assistant. My hubby is a machinist, and works alot of hours. I am going down to part time after the baby is born, and i cant wait! We are waiting anxiously to see if we are having a boy or a girl, but seeing that we had difficulty concieving this lil bean, i am happy with ethier a boy or a girl! I just went for my 9 week checkup last week, and we heard the heartbeat on the doppler! It was just as amazing as it was when we heard it with our ds!
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Hi, my name is Erica. I live in Indianaplis, IN with my dh and 2 dd 7y/o & 9y/o. Work at a hospital in HR. Found this site in July right before I had my 1st and I pray only miscarriage.  Ready to begin TTC, but still have not had a cycle yet after my D&C from 7/19 -- I too love this site and try to jump on any chance I get during my work day. It has been really informative at times, entertaining at others.
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Hey all,
My name is Jaime and I have a dd, kayla, who is 14months and am expecting our 2nd baby girl on Feb 16th. I am 28yrs old and am married to my best friend. I was a teacher for 4 years and now a stay at home mommy.
I too feel like a single mom at times...my hubby works in NYC and works long hrs. We live in NJ..so it takes him about an hour to get to and fro work.
I love cooking/baking...as I find that is my therapy.
I have endometriosis and the docs say as long as i am pregnant, it should not grow back...so i'm kinda tossed...my body needs a break from having kids, but at the same time..i don't want the endo pain to come back.
So I guess we'll have to take one day at a time.
Look forward to reading more about the girls that help me out....I love this site and go on here as often as possible!
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Hi!  I'm Melinda, live in St. Cloud FL and am 26 years old.  I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and this is the first time I've made it this far.  I've had 3 early m/c prior to this.  Dh and I desperately want a child and are wondering when we can relax and announce it. =)  I've had three u/s already because of my history and some slight spotting but as of last Thursday, everything looked good and up to date!  We're excited and can't wait to hopefully welcome a new baby.  My previous m/c won't let me relax yet.  I don't want to jinx it!  Oh, by the way, my early m/c were due to a balanced translocation on two of my chromosomes, well, that's what we assume they were due to.  Take care everyone!
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I'm Eman, I'm 27 years old. I have 21 months old B/G twins. I have been married for 8 years!! woow already that long! :o) I graduated from college a month before i gave birth to my twins! we moved to North Africa about a year ago . I work as a registrar at the American school in Morocco. We are planing to start TTC pretty soon, which make me kinda nervous.

have a good day you all
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Hi I'm Toni, live in Marengo, IL am 22 years old. I have a 2 year son. I have only been married for 5 months but been together for 6 years. We are TTC.. Had a missed m/c at the end of sept. at 10-9 weeks. I work in a dental office which is very borring so you will always find me on here!
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Hi ladies!  I'm Tori and I'm 4w 4d PG!!!  My DH and I have been ttc since Sept. of 2006.  I've had two EP's and lost my left tube in June.  This is the first time that I've had quant numbers this high!  My quant on Friday was 115 and on Monday was 410!  My progesterone is high so I'm good to go for now.  Hoping to see something in the uterus on Oct. 12th!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.....
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Hey Guys!

Am Jay,from the Cayman Islands, i have a DS 4 years old with a previous relationship of 5 + years and currently preggo with baby#2, 16 weeks 2 days, due march 16th 2008, with DH. Have an idea of sex but wont post till we know for sure ;)

Does anyone know what happened to Kirstynsmom? She used to post here alot and answered almost every's one questions. Last i heard she was 10 wks an i was 7 which makes her about 19 or 20 wks!
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Hello!!! I'm Noel aka Zeva's Mom... My DH and I have been married for almost 12 years... We had our DD Zeva via IVF on July 20, 2006... She is the light of our lives - we aren't sure what we did before her (had lots more BD trying to concieve her, lol)... We unsuccessfully tried an FET with 3 embryos... We have one lone day six embryo left that we are going to try for in November!  We looked into embryo adoption - but goodness gracious - it is expensive ($9,000+)... Excited, nervous, and scared about November!

DH is a stay-at-home dad and he LOVES it!  The two of them, DH and DD, are like peas in a pod...

Just wish it wouldn't have taken so long... Dumb "clock" is a tickin' away!
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Hi ladies.I'm Adriana.I have 3 kids.A 12y/o Boy,8 y/o girl & a 2 month old girl.I came on here since aug '06 when I had my ectopic 8 wks.I'm a SAHM.Been married for 12 yrs.Almost 13 on Oct 8.Will be TTC when baby turns 1.And that'll be my last :)
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Hi Girls!
My name is Sara. I have kinda an interesting story, but as i know you all are non judgemental, you will understand. I have wanted to find a way to tell you my story because i know some of you have seen my pics on myspace and are prolly wondering. so yes this is the perfect opporunity.
I met my bf Ken about 7 years ago. We lived togther after a year and ended up seperating about a year and a half later. W e were apart for two months in which that period of time i became pg with my dd Kennedy. (kennedys dad is black and ken is white) well it wasnt till we had been back togther that shortly after i found out i was pg. Ken took care of me the whole time i was pg with kennedy and was there when she was born. he even cut her cord! So yes ken is kennedy's daddy :) the only one she knows. i think in our relationship there has been alot of ups and downs because i know that (even tho it disagrees) he has some hurt for me becomeing pg with another mans baby. on the brighter side of it all....i am now almost 8 weeks pg with Kens baby! He is really a great daddy to kennedy and honostly when she was a baby i never had to  get up with her in the middle of the night once, because he wanted to! I feel god has worked in my life and given me another chance with ken as he is just wonderful to me and my dd! and Kennedy was actually named after Ken.
Other than that, i work for a nursing staffing agency as a CNA. I also started working for Human Services being a parent advocate. (very part time) I look forward to this site to get me going in the morning and i rely on it for relaxation thro out the day. You are all wonderful Women!
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My name is Tiffany and I was on this site a lot while I was working, it helped me soo much with questions I had. I have 3 older children, a 15 and 11 year old boy and a 13 year old daughter. I have a 10 yr old step daughter and 17 yr old step son. I gave birth to Chloe Izabella on the 17th of aug after being in the hosp for 2 weeks prior. She was born at 33 wks at 3 lbs 15 oz and was in the nicu for a month. I had preaclampsia which I had with my other pregnancies but not to the degree of this time, maybe cause I was a lot older. Anyway she is home, gorgeous and we adore her.
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Hi, my name is Alicia. I am 24yrs. old, married a little over a year, and currently almost 10 weeks pregnant.  This is the farthest I have ever been with a pregnancy, I have had 3m/c this year.  I am really sick with this one, and am currently home from school today because of all-day sickness.  I am a grad student pursuing my PhD in biochemistry, it is tough to make it through my days right now.  I am scared for my next appointment on the 23rd, I really want this baby to be okay. I am very emotional and hormonal right now, and I don't feel like myself.  I am a bodybuilder, but I am not allowed to workout at all, doctors orders.  So that is a bummer, but I am starting to adjust.  Well, that's me in a nutshell, email if you would like to chat ***@****
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hi my name is lisa im 26 and live in newcastle in the uk i have a 7 yr old ds called kieron and a 5 yr old dd called kelsey i am currently ttc again after my miscarriage in feb07 so hopefully i will be pregnant again soon i have been with my partner david since i was 15 yrs old although we are not married yet i am hoping to have another baby before we get married so all my kids can be part of the wedding
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Hi my name is Kim and I am 30 years old and live in Illinois.  I have been marreid to my husband for 4 years and we have a 2 1/2 year old DD that was born in June of 2005.  I am pregnant again due on Feb 3rd 2008.  We are 85% sure it is another Girl, but the doctor wants to look again at my next appointment to be 100% sure.  I had a miscarriage back in Feb of 2007 and find it very interesting that I am due exactly one year from the day I had my D&C.   Funny how the world works.
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My name is Danika from Southern California.  I am almost 28 y/o and I have been married for 3 yrs (together for almost 9 yrs)  to my college sweetheart.   I work full-time at a biotech company and I love what I do, but it sometimes gets stressful.  I am currently 29wks pregnant (due 12.17.07) with my first child, but 2nd pregnancy.... I had a m/c last Nov that was really hard to get through.  I was put on progesterone at the beginning of this pregnancy, I also had a ton of morning sickness.  I am paranoid all the time that something could be wrong with my baby, but I try to always think positive.  We found out we were having a boy when I was only 12.5 wks, we had a really good u/s.  Right now we are still deciding on a name and just beginning the nursery.    
To all that are pregnant I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy, to those that have children enjoy each day with them, and to all that are trying keep your faith that it will happen soon.  
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my name is kristina and i teach preschool in north eastern NJ (NY metro area). i have a beautiful baby girl born in July. i found this forum last december when i found out i was pregnant and was experiencing cramping. this forum helped me through my pregnancy and continues to do so as i stumble through motherhood. in addition to providing an online support group, this forum actually spawned a local mommy group in my area that continues to help keep me sane :)
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My name is Shaunna.  I am 25 years old, married, and 21 weeks pregnant with our first!  We get to find out the sex tomorrow, so I'm really anxious for that!!
I work full time at a bank doing notes and collections, and my husband works as a material supervisor for the production line of a large company.
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