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If father is a thalassemia minor and mother is normal, what is possibility of baby to be thalassemia minor or major.
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You're going to have to talk to your geneticist on this before proceeding.  

If you do a google search you learn that a minor has received the T gene from one parent,  and probably won't be affected but will be a carrier.  So,  the child of a minor and a normal also has the chance of being a carrier,  but probably won't be affected.

But that's just a google search answer.

Before you proceed with any decisions,  please have a consult with a geneticist!
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I have beta thalassemia minor and was advised to go to genetic counseling when I was pregnant with my first child.  My husband later tested fine (no thalassemia trait).  

Your baby will not have thalassemia major, as that only occurs if both parents carry the trait.  Even then it is not a given, but rather a 1 in 4 chance that the baby would have the full blown form of the disease.

I am not certain what the probability is of inheriting the trait.  Nearly everyone on my father's side of my family has it.

I am not a health professional.  Obviously, if you and your wife or partner are contemplating having a baby, talk to a doctor about this issue.  Best of luck...
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my daughter has beta thalassemia minor trait. can she take cod liver oil to reduce the iron in her body?
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