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They're Here!!!! (pic links) birth story

hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to post, life has been hectic!lol

so lets see. i went to the doctor to turn in the 24 hour urine on Monday 10/15/07 and upon seeing me the doctor had me weighed, ran a urine dip stick and had my blood pressure checked. i had gained 14 pounds in a week was showing large protein and blood in my urine and my blood pressure had hit 168/112. they wheeled me directly to the hospital where i was told that i was not going home until delivery and they were doing some more tests to decide if i needed and emergency section that night or the next morning. i was hooked up to the monitors had blood drawn and peed in yet another cup. my blood pressure continued to climb and my urine came back at 490 protein level where 150 was the high end of normal. i panicked and talked the doctor into doing the section the next morning at 11 so i could come to terms with the girls rapid arrival.

they monitored us all night and i contracted every 3 minutes the whole time. at 7 am they came in and told me all of my labs were back and that i was going into the operating room in half an hour, there was no more waiting time. (risk of placental abruption was the biggest fear, but baby b was also showing too much fluid in her amniotic sack)

they took me to the or, ben in tow. he was made to wait in the hall while they gave me a spinal block. it took 6 sticks(really not fun) but finally they got it after hitting the bone too many times and i was freaking out. it scared me that i could not feel my lungs working( i was numb from my neck down) and i really had an urge to move my feet. Ben came into the room as soon as they made sure i was numbed and he calmed me. about 30 minutes in and i had things being set on my chest( no idea what as i was draped) then i felt my body being tugged at, alot of pressure, then an immense sense of relief. at 9:18am Kaimamela Lee was born, weighing 6 pounds 9.1 ounces(ultrasound was way off) and 19 and 1/4 inches long. she cried and peed immediately. she scored a 9 on both of her APGAR tests. the doctor kept going at it and at 9:20 am Rayen Liberty was born weighing 6 pounds and 3.5 ounces. she was 19 and 1/2 inches long and also scored a 9 on her APGAR tests.

i got 5 layers of stitches which took 45 minutes to put in then was closed with staples. ben says i had 50, but i am not sure. that seems high( i never looked myself, too scared) they gave me dermamorph in the or, which was both a blessing and a curse. i nearly scratched my face off, actually made sores on my mouth and nose once i got the use of my hands back, but i fely pretty good.
neither baby needed any medical intervention at all. they ate, breathed had normal blood sugars and were able to regulate their body temperatures on their own from birth.
we were released after 4 days. i was up and walking within 18 hours and haven't had time to stop yet!lol.

one weird symptom i am having is that my right hand and foot are numb still. today made a week and i can move them, i just can't feel them. i've been given two explanations. either the spinal caused it or i am still retaining fluid and it will go away. i hope it is the fluid.

The girls are one week old today and tomorrow is their first pediatrician appointment. we are so blessed , happy and content. they eat every 3 hours roughly and about 3 ounces at a time. barely cry and usually only whimper a tiny bit over diapers. i have never been more happy. my gestational diabetes is gone. my blood pressure is normalized and i have lost 40 pounds. woot!

i put alot of pictures on my myspace page. it is


from there go to the view pics link and they are in the perfection album. i don't have time to put them on photobucket yet so you'll have to see them at myspace for now. the page and pics are public. :)

thanks ladies for all of your support!
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Congrats on the babies.  Just view the pics and they are adorable.  You sure will have your hands full.  Glad everybody is home and doing well.
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thanks =)

we are all doing so well. a week ago i would have said never again, but now i see how people do it over again. mommyhood is so amazing!
*off to love on her princesses*
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They are beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy you are finally holding your baby girls!!! XO
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Congratulations on your adorable twins!!!
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aww congrats soo cute...I dont know how you do it...My baby is now 7 weeks old...you will see it goes by too quick:(
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i know!! i was a little sad to think they are already a week old today!lol. i wanna keep them tiny, sweet and cuddly.

no boys, no cellphones, no computers, no sass and no stinkyness!!!
pathetic hunh?

thank you all for the sweet words and concern you've expressed over the past months. having a group like you truly makes the road easier when you don't have family to turn to and ask all those pressing questions. i feel like we share a wonderful little sisterhood. =) medhelp rocks!
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o-m-g...............those pics are just absolutely gorgeous. u must be so proud and relieved and just everything! bless you and your family! congrats!!!!!
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They are so beautiful.  My little boy is 9 weeks old and I now want a little girl.  Take care and congratulations.
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so beautiful, so perfect! congratulations!
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!  I've been waiting  to hear from you.  The girls are beautiful and wow - they were big.  I'm glad to hear that you and the girls (and Ben) are doing great!!  I couldn't be happier for you.  I can't wait to hold my little boys.  

You spinal kind of scared me though.  I'm not looking forward to that part!!  I don't like needles and I don't like not being able to feel my body parts.

Anyway - you guys all take care and keep me posted!!
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aww, hon.  you deserve all joy you're experiencing right now.  After everything you went through (and with so much patience).  They're adorable.  Enjoy them!  DD will be 13 months tomorrow and whoa...when did that happen?  I was putting away her newborn socks (yeah, finally cleaning out her drawer) and it made me tear.  Her feet used to be so tiny *sigh*  Btw, your girls are a good size (both of them) for twins.  God bless and all the best.
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Aww... the girls are so cute!  Twins are lots of fun!  I know it has been a long road for you, I'm glad you have your girls finally. I would just like to as where you got their carseats, they are adorable!!
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I want to congratulate you for your 2 precious babies!!!! They are soooo beautiful!!!!!
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They are precious.  Congratulations!!!!
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<---- doing my super happy, happy, joy, joy dance!  CONGRATULATIONS - BEAUTIFUL BABIES!
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Wow!   I'm glad you're ok.  Good thing they finally got here.  Its odd about your hand and arm...give it time, like a month to get better.  
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Congrats...they are beautiful!  Hope you get to feeling like your old self soon -- babies don't give you much time -- especially two babies!  Again, congrats!!!
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Congratulationssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they finally came :) congrats again....... I'm sooo excited for you :)
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Congratulations! I cannot get over the fact that you had TWO babies, the size of the one I was carrying.  MY god, women's bodys are amazing.  I thought i was going to die with just one baby (she was 6 lbs 15 oz, 19.5" long) But you had two. Wow.  YOu are truly blessed.  I'm very happy for you!
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Congratulations!  Can't wait to check out the pictures.  
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Congrats on your babies!  Glad to hear that everyone is here and safe and healthy.  Also glad to hear they were off on the u/s weights.  I thought 1 big baby at a time was hard enough, let alone 2.  They sound perfect!  I had a hard time getting my epidural too, 7 tries in hard labor.  Not fun, but still worth it.  My back hurt for a few days, but it went away.  Enjoy the little bundles, they are so sweet and precious and grow so fast!
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Congratulations!  What a story...glad it was all worth it :)
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congrats i remember when u first got your bfp!

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