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Throat Problems

Okay so today I woke up and I noticed that when I swallowed my throat would hurt. I went all day this way until the night before I go to sleep. I downloaded a flashlight app and decided to see how my throat looked as I do every time I'm sick. I then seem to notice what looks like 10 little red blister with white around the blisters. Not on the blisters around and I've tried looking for and answer but all of the questions say they have white bumps but mine are red. I have no medical insurance so can't go to the doctor to find out what it is. Can you please help.
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It could be strep throat or possibly an abscess. If you go to a neighborhood clinic they usually have a sliding fee of some type so how much you pay is based on your income. Also depending on where you live they have clinic type offices at some Target stores and CVS pharmacies. To help alleviate the pain you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen and gargle with warm salt water.
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Should I go to the doctor for it or does it just go away? I think I did leave out like a important info.  I get like cold sores every once maybe 3 time a year, but I have never had them inside my like mouth or even in the back of my throat. The day before this I had felt real sick but I didn't feel hot on the outside but I did in the inside. I couldn't do anything besides sleep all day i was too weak to do anything. I took a warm shower and weirdly got goosebumps. I did eat like twice that whole day but majorly the most I was asleep and it was a full meal it was like pieces. Every time I felt like this I knew I would get a cold sore I've had it since elementary. So I took some new pills that my mom had decide to buy me. Though, since we live near Mexico they come from over there. I have never tried these pills that would be my first day to them, and i have no allergic reactions that I've known so far.Then the next day, I woke up with them. The pill bottle is called: Clorixan , and it says aciclovir no it too but I have no idea what it means.
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It depends on what it is if it'll go away on its own. You could probably give it a couple days and if its not getting better then go see a Dr. I wouldn't take any medication without consulting a Dr
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