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Hi ladies , this is my second pregnancy and i plan on getting my tubes tied "Tubal ligation" to be exact .. im postive this is what i want .. but anyways i would like to know if anyone plans on doing the same ? ans if not what is your input on this topic ?
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You'll get alot of mixed answers on this subject. At the end it's your choice and not to allow anyone to change your mind by making you feel guilty about it. I myself will be getting it done during my csection in Jan, I'm only turning 25 and my dr has no problem with it whatsoever as it is our choice not to have anymore children. Currently pregnant with twins and have one older daughter who will be 2 in March and 3 babies are more than enough for me thank you, and my husband agrees. My mother is against it as she wants us to try once more for a boy, but we all know that we can't choose gender and according to my Professor the chances of us having another girl/twins are extremely high, so definitely not taking that route haha good luck and congrats on your pregnancy***
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I was going to get that done but it's not always 100 percent after five years. so I think I'm leaning towards the implant that last five years and just keep getting it replaced every five years. I'm 21 and I have a two and a half year old and I'm 30 weeks pregnant and conceived this one in the pill and I think that two is plenty for me.
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Thanks for the comments .. im young myself 23..

But i was told that its a rare chance the tubes can form back together .. but im willing to take that chance .. what was ment to be will be
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