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Tmi but weird/nasty smell in my v? Anybody had that before?

Gave birth 3 weeks ago and I'm not really bleeding anymore but I still use pads and everytime I use the restroom I get this nasty smell from my v, I don't know if that's normal? Did anyone experience something like that?
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Yes it was horrible. Almost like a dead animal smell
It goes away
Yess it's that bad!! How long did you have it for?
It was about 3 weeks after birth or so. I talked to my doc when it happened she said it was normal. All the blood after the baby and your hormones change and pH balance is off .
Ohh ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that has gone through this, thank you so much for your time!:)
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Best to check in with your doctor about this.  An odor can indicate an infection.  Good luck
Thank you!!
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Are you changing the pads regularly even though you're not bleeding? Pads aren't breathable so you sweat and that can lead to unpleasant smells. This is my guess. Stop wearing the pads, try pantry liners or panty shields instead of pads. Wash using an un perfumed soap and never douche. Don't wear underwear at night so that you get some air round there.

Unless you have other symptoms like fever or pain, that will mean probable infection and will need checking out.
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