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To AnnieBrooke regarding Reglan for increasing milk production

Hi, I did a little research on the drug Reglan even before I found out that sometimes it's prescribed to increase milk production.  DD has reflux and her ped prescribed it to her suspecting she might have slow emptying of the stomach (the drug helps with that too).  Unfortunately, it has a side effect of seizures and there are a few lawsuits going on.  I'm just way too scared to take anything that strong let alone to give it to my baby.
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there is a natural way to help with increasing milk production that i used. its an herb called fenugreek. its actually used mostly in digestion i think, but my lactation consultant had me use it and after a few days i could have fed the state of texas!! call your ped and see if they are ok with that.
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I have been taking fenugreek for over a week now.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any increase yet.  I'm aslo taking blessed thistle.  Yeah, you can say that I'm doing anything possible to keep breastfeeding.  I'm also pumping every 2 hours.  It's a pain but I gotta do it.
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Hey, yes I think there's a prescribtion but you will have to ask your doc and see what they advise.  What kind of pump are you using?
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There have been several post's lately about breastfeeding, pumping etc etc so I wanted to share my stories. I lost my milk with my first at four weeks due to some very bad advice given to me by a NICU nurse, I tried to relactate but my doc would not prescribe any drugs, he said it was in his opinion better to switch to formula than to take drugs to relactate as these drugs are then present in your milk and as they cannot runs trials on this kind of thing there were no solid arguments to say it wasn't harmful to baby. Now on the subject of pumps I have an ameda personal dual electric pump (I purchased it 3 years ago when trying to relactate with my first, but it was too late by the time I recieved it) and it is fantastic. If I pump first thing in a morning I get anywhere between 9 and 18 ounces depending upon whether baby fed during the night; as he then only takes 5oz of this in his bottle I have plenty left over to store for later use. I cannot sing the praises of this pump enough, my baby is 8 weeks old and I have 700 oz (yes 700, thats not a typo) of breastmilk already stored in the freezer and he has been exclusivley breastfed since 3 days old. 2 days ago I introduced 1 bottle of formula per day as I know that within the next 3-6 months I want to stop breastfeeding and don't want problems with him not liking the taste of formula, he took it no problem.
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I exclusinvely breast feed my DD who is 6 months  old.  Her demand became so great that I would literally run out ofmilk so I started looking into ways to increase my milk.
I take Brewer's yeast and Fenigreek daily and I have more milk than I can handle.  If she doesn't nurse within 2 hours, I'm engorged.  
Taking them both together definitely works wonders.
Good luck.
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Brewer's yeast?  Meaning beer?
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