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To all moms with 4-6 month olds.....how much/often does baby sleep?

I have read that a child 5 months should be sleeping still 15-16 hours a day.  Does anybody's kid sleep that much?  DD is on a routine, not a schedule, but sometimes it is off.. Anyway, she usually has a 45-1 hr nap late morning, and then a 1 1/2hr -2hr nap late afternoon.  What we have been doing for nighttime since DH works and I don't...Hubby takes DD in his room as she gets cranky by 7:30 and by 8-8:30 she wants to go to sleep.  She may or may not wake up at 11-11:30, but DH feeds her around that time anyway, even if he has to wake her, so that she will not keep getting me up at 2AM.  So she sleeps from 8-11PM (DH brings her to my room at that time), then she gets up between 4-5AM (I no longer feed her at that time, I try to let her fuss herself back to sleep and she usually does) then wakes up again between 7:30-8:00 AM.
On rare occasions, she will sleep from 11PM-8AM but it has only happened twice.

Also, how do I get Ameera to stop scratching her face?  SHe looks sooo bad these days.  I know she is teething and she has now discovered her ears and is just scratched up all over.  She has outgrown the socks on her hands (she usually takes them off) and I don't want her to have the pacifier, I want her to learn to suck on her hands to sooth herself back to sleep --which has been working but at the expense of scratching up her face!
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Hey girl, Gavin will be 4 months on the 6th and he has a similar schedule.  Are you nursing?  I am still nursing him so he still wakes up at least once in the middle of the night.  He did sleep through a few times but I thin he is going through a growth sport and wanting to eat more.  I'd say he sleeps about 15-16 hours a day at least.  
I don't think you can stop her from scratching unless you tie her down, LOL.  She will grow out of it.  Does she like to hold a rattle?  I still put socks on him when he sleeps but I don't during the day so he can learn to use his fingers.
Good luck!
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I never woke up my DD at that age to eat...My DD is 2 and a half and still sleeps about 14 hrs a day...lol

I had it great after the first 9 weeks.  She'd go down around 8pm and would sleep until 4am, I'd feed her then leave for work...I had a 5am start shift at the time.

She'd then sleep from 4am-7am and again 11am - 2p, then sometimes she'd take a catnap between 5-7 (only like 30  minutes or so)
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I asked the same question a few weeks ago.  Ariella's a terrible napper and naps probably around 3 hours a day (in total).  For the night, she goes to bed around 11:30-7 am or so.  The most that she sleeps the whole day(in total) is 12 hours.  I heard that not all kids need that many hours of sleep.  But I seriously wish sometimes that she was the one who liked to sleep :)
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Your day is similar to mine
DD wakes up around 7:00AM to eat
Goes down for a nap by 9:00AM for about 45min-1hour
Back down by 12:30PM for about 1Hour
Back down by 3:00PM for 2hours
Back down by 6:30PM for 1 hour
Then she is down for the night by 8:30 (9 the latest)
wakes up at 3:30 to 4:00AM for feeding and then right back to sleep until 7:00AM

Then the cycle starts again.

It makes it really difficult to go anywhere with her for too long because if she doesn't get her nap, she is a fusspot.  She doesn't sleep anywhere but her crib and doesn't really like the carseat. So sleeping in the car is out of the question.

As for the scratching, my DD does the same thing.  I clip her nails every few days and file then every other day.  She tugs at her ears and pulls her hair (but usually when she doesn't get her nap)
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My little boy is 7 months, but since he was a preemie he is 4 1/2 months corrected. He sleeps from 8pm to 8am. He naps 2 two hour naps a day. I think your DD is old enough to sleep through the night. I would not feed her at night any more. As far as her face, my DS does the same thing. Just keep her nails SHORT!!! I have to cut Elijah's every 2 days!! Aghhhh. Good luck!
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evy will be 4 months on the 7th...and she sleeps through the night, from about 9 or 9:30 pm to 6:00 am.  but she only cat naps during the day, she might sleep 15 min here or there with a total amount only being 45 min or so.  she is nursed and supplimented with formula, and has been sleeping this way since she was about 3 weeks old.  we had a couple of weeks there where she was up every couple of hours, but then she went right back.  she is a hand sucker, but if she starts to fuss, i get her and sooth her back to sleep.
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