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Too Early to be showing???

I am 6w 2d and I have a little belly!  I think I am too early to be showing right?  I have actually lost 3 lbs since I found out I was preg.  I am not eatting a lot due to nausea.  This is my 4th preg but would/will be second baby.  I know with more preg you show faster but.....?
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I am 6 weeks 6 days and my second pregnancy but my first ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks or so, I spotted the whole time, so they don't know when i actually lost the baby, anyways I cant fit into 2 on my pants anymore but I think i'm just bloated because I have also lost about 5 pounds.
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Its probably just bloat.  Are you going to the bathroom regularly?  I was VERY bloated the first couple weeks and couldnt fit comfortably into any of my pants.. and then I had an extremley terrible BM and my belly was gone!  
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It's probably not just bloating.  I am as far along as you are and I've already to had to buy maternity clothes because I am showing.  I too have lost weight because I've had such bad morning sickness.  But yeah, it's very possible.
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No, you could be showing already! I'm as far along as you are with #5 and even though I know some of it is bloating, I know some is ALL BABY!! I've been in the same pair of yoga pants for a week because nothing else is comfortable an I'm too lazy to go to the store!! This one has given me EVERY symptom possible!!
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