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Too many questions, too little answers....

Hi girls!! happy monday!!
I just have a load of questions to ask to my doctor, and it seems everytime i want to talk to him, whether he is on call and he just doesn't have the time to call me back, or if he calls back he rushes me....and i almost feel he thinks i ask a lot of stupid questions... are all doctors like this????
I just had my second AF after my m/c. As some of you might know, the first one was really weird! it was too light. No cramps....and i think i conceived after that... but failed to implant (got very very faint + and then a - days later), and now i am on CD4, things got ugly the second and third day, but today they are pretty much back to normal (meaning i thought i was hemorraging), i don't have cramps or fever, so i think it's somewhat normal. I want to know if this is normal, and how many of you have conceived after a first 'normal' cycle after a DNC??
I want to get my mind off the whole ttc, i've heard so many girls that stop trying and bam! they fall pg! i wanna be one of them! but how? i can't seem to get my mind off of it????!!
I am talking dh into getting a puppy, i told my parents today and they acted like if i would be just a brat trying to get something just because! am i being one?
My mom says that that won't help, that is just a waiste of money and that i already have a cat. My kitty is just adorable but they are not as affectionate as a dog...
I don't know what to do! too many questions here! should i use an OPK this month? or should i not give 2 ****s about the whole situation and maybe i'll fall pg that way? feeling blue today! =(
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I know how it feels to be blue after having a m/c. I think you are doing the right thing trying to get your mind into something else. I don't think you are acting like a brat. It is hard to get through a m/c.
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I am sorry for your situation.  I had one normal af then I got pregnant.  Relaxing really is the key.  You need to ask yourself if you and your dh are both ready emotionally and physically.  Most women experienced MC want to get preggo right away to replace the loss one but that's not the right reason.  Getting a puppy will not replace your loss either.  You need to stay positive and have faith.  Try to think about your dh's feeling and don't turn him into a baby making machine.
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Hey!  Just read your post to me down below.  I'm swamped at work again!  I'm glad because it's too much to bear when it's slow.  I'm so sorry you're blue.  I think a dog is a great idea.  I had my parent's dog this past week and had the best time with him!  It did suck a little because I had to go home at lunch every day (live 20min away from work).  I don't think you're being a brat for wanting a dog either.  I agree -- they love you and they're excited to see you when you get home!  I think it would be great if you get one.

If you want to relax about the whole ttc thing you need to not use a OPK this next month.  Using an OPK would NOT be relaxing!  You just need to do what feels right for you.  I'm trying not to think about being in my tww.  It's so hard though!  I can just advise you to stay very busy!  Maybe make a quilt or knit a blanket for everyone in your family for Christmas -- that will keep you busy...    

It's frustrating, girl, but we'll make it. I had totally not realized you had a light AF after your M/C.  So did I!  I think there's something to that, like our bodies aren't ready.  I think it's a huge positive that you had a heavy AF this time.  I bet your lining is getting back to normal...
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Thank you mommie2, I really appreciate your kind words =)
Dolly--- I promissed to myself that this month we were not baby machines. The last month was very uncomfortable and it wasn't enjoyable at all!, I wanna make love to dh this month....not just get into bed and tell him "hey, time to BD...so hurry up, it's late, we gotta work tomorrow..."! it's just not right! (even just to think about it is such a turn off!)
Well, I realized i wanted to replace my emptiness with a new baby RIGHT away!, couldn't the first month.....then the next one....and couldn't either...that's why im such a wreck right now! cuz it's starting to sink in, instead of just numbing myself waiting to get a BFP to finally start to feel again...does that make sense?
Well, i just cannot find something else that i could put my mind into...i work but really screw up sometimes, forget things....i try to focus but, it's just not easy. At home, i try to clean, pick up and straighten things up... but i think after my parents leave....i am gonna be so scared of letting myself fall into such a big depression that i guess all i can think of right now is getting a puppy...
I told dh and he is very happy to get one, he loooooves animals also...and maybe we can afford one if we save up a little... but mom and dad think i'm just being a brat....maybe i am! maybe like you say i just want a baby dog for the wrong reasons!...what can i do? i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel....=(
Thank you girls!
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I have had two af too.  You know my story.  Both of mine were heavy.  As you know I got four postives at the beginning of Aug. days later negtive and started af.  It was ok first day, but got heavy for about 3d.  It lasted 5d only.  I usually go 7d, but I know that af can take time to get right now I am 11dpo
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DH and I had a heart to heart talk.  I wanted a baby but I also love him too much to act like the way I was and put such drain on our marriage.  I have lots of friends and families who were by my side as well.  I just felt blessed in many other ways.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't forget about TTC, I was just more as ease.  I couldn't even believe I got preggo so quickly.  It will happen, trust me.
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