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Travelling at 5wks pregnant, worried about m/c

Hello all Moms and Moms to be! I am very new to this game, just found out a few days ago that I was pregnant! We are thrilled and excited, but I am also a bit hesitant as I have a holiday coming up that I had booked 6 months ago.

Here's all my info - just looking for advice/reassurance/pointers!

I am from Canada, so my first ultrasound won't be until 10-12 weeks. I had my pregnancy confirmed by my GP yesterday, with a urine test. No hcg levels or blood tests done. Prior to this I had taken two home pregnancy tests after being 3-4 days late for my period - both were positive almost instantly. I have had mild cramping, some gas and bloating, the odd headache and a teeny bit of heartburn. Just today I felt a bit queasy - but no nausea or food aversions so far. Can definitely feel a bit of a 'pressure' in my lower abdomen, but maybe that's all in my head!

Dr gave me a date of 5 weeks tomorrow (Nov 2) as my last period was Sept30-Oct 4. That would make it only 3 weeks fetal, correct? Not sure if that matters.

Anyways, I have read that some women experience no nausea, and some have symptoms come up later in pregnancy (6-8 weeks or so), and that calmed me down as I was concerned about not being sick. Sounds silly doesn't it! We are gone to the States for a week (and unfortunately, as pregnancy is a pre-existing condition, should any complications arise my medical insurance will not cover expenses related to these complications). I am most concerned about a miscarriage, and the possibility of having to shell out a lot of money to just see a dr or worse, having to be admitted to the hospital. Should I continue on with my vacation plans as previous (we leave on Nov 7, back on the 14), or should I cancel? Dr said flying was fine, just to make sure I moved around every hour to prevent formation of blood clots and to stretch my feet/legs while sitting. I'm not sure if I'm making a big deal out of this or not, as I do know a few friends who have miscarried their first pregnancies. Any thoughts would be awesome!
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As long as things are going fine air travel is safe. I flew to and from Florida from Minnesota when I was 9 weeks pregnant. As far as feeling sick I didn't have any at all with my first two pregnancies and with my third was nauseous from 6-16 weeks.
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So it sounds like your coverage doesn't cover you out of the country if it's to treat a condition that you knew about  before travel?

Here's the bottom line:  in the event that you do,  sadly,  miscarry this pregnancy it's highly unlikely that you will need expensive medical care quickly.  

At 5 weeks,  if the pregnancy begins to deteriorate there's nothing that can be done,  or will be done,  to save the pregnancy.  The expensive medical care that occurs stems from emergency visits that are designed to inform the mother of the status of the pregnancy - they aren't caused by a health risk or any real medical need.  It's certainly understandable that women are curious about the status of the pregnancy and health of their baby - but a blighted ovum/early miscarriage very rarely actually poses health risks for the mother.

I had two early pregnancy losses - one at 6 weeks and one at 9,  and miscarried at home after a day of spotting and cramping,  and the next day had the miscarriage confirmed by my OB with a simple blood test and pelvic exam,  and an exam of the material that I miscarried right there in the office lab.

Complications can arise later,  if not everything is passed out of your uterus with the miscarriage,   or if the light bleeding after a miscarriage doesn't resolve by itself,  but those things happen later in time and you'd be back at home to deal with that.

Best wishes for a safe and happy pregnancy!
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Thank you for your comment! I am hoping and praying for a healthy pregnancy ( I know the chances of carrying to term are greater than those of miscarrying), but I wasn't quite sure what to do! I feel much better having received input from you two ladies, thank you so very much! It's just such a tricky time, and my husband and I have agreed not to tell our families until we are past 12-13 weeks. Due to issues on both sides (his and mine), the added stress of having to worry about me wouldn't help them at all! So nice to have people to turn to online : )

Here's to a healthy baby in July!
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