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Tubal Ligation

So I had a tubal ligation in 7/06 after my third child.  I had a 3 year old daughter, 2 year old son and a baby boy on the way and my marriage was failing.  I decided to get a tubal ligation because the thought of providing for three children was a lot for me to handle.  Now my marriage has worked out (doing GREAT) and I have three wonderful children.  I do, somewhat, regret getting "fixed".  My mind is playing tricks on me though.  I just had my period, it was late like usual (I usually run 33-35 days) and I only had one day of heavy bleeding where as I usually have 2-3.  After my cycle I got extremely sick to my stomach which really tricked my brain, then now I am getting horrible heart burn, which does not happen to me.  
When I figured out I was pregnant with my youngest, I was super sick for 2 days then got horrible heartburn.  I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  So I think that is why my mind is messing with me.  
My worst fear is that I am because I had brain surgery last year which ended up giving me nerve damage (occipital nerve) that is extremely painful.  Trying to take care of a 6, 5, 3 year olds is hard enough then you add that in and it is rough (plus finishing up my degree).  I am on medication that is not safe for pregnancy and that is what scares me.  I know my mind is just messing with me, I had my period.  I guess I just needed to type this out and share it so it will get off my mind.

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