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Tubal pregnancy

Please could any body help me to understand what has happened to me on the 6th of july i started to bleed very slightly i went the epau and had a scan there was nothing seen on the scan apart from a shadow by my ovarie and the pregnancy test was still posotive. I was told it was a suspected ectopic and had a blood test to read my hcg levels my results were 6010 the next day i started to lose some small clots and a bit more blood but no pain the day after i went for a blood test again and my levels fell to 5550 and was told they would be expectantly managing the tuble pregnancy. i had another blood test 2 days later and my hcg had risen by 600 to back over 6000 i then had another blod test a week later and the hcg had fell to 5200 the levels have continued to fall since and i am now at 159.  I have had no information about what to expect or when i will have a period or when and if i can try for another baby and if i will have to have surgery all i keep getting is  ' we will wait and see what happens to your hcg levels' i have read on the internet  that my levels falling means my body is desolving the pregnancy naturaly but i just want to have a normall life again it is such a worry please could any body help.
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i just had to a tubal pregnancy my self found out on july 10th. then on july 11th they gave me surgery to remove the baby because it had a heart beat that was rising. it is very hard to deal with. but with your levels dropping your body may not have excepted this pregnancy so you may not need to have the baby removed. i wish you the best of luck hun and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.
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