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Tubes Tied/Reversed/ and one grew back

This is complicated, sorry ahead of time :)

In January of 2005 after my 2nd child, I had my tubes tied. In April of 2006, I had a reversal but one was too short to get back together. I was unable to conceive until 2010 which I became pregnant 3 times and all were early miscarries. In 2011, I became pregnant again and made it to 7 weeks, but that ended up being a tubal pregnancy and I had to have emergency surgery which ended with the removal of my only connected tube. In February of this year (2013) I had a cyst on the ovary the same side that my tube was removed. I gave my gym all the info from ttc and specifically asked her to if I would be able to conceive. During the surgery, she found that the other tube (that was originally too short to put back together) had grown together on its own since I had the reversal in 2006. She said the tube was connected, clear, and she saw no reason I wouldn't be able to conceive.

Now, my questions is, has anyone heard of a situation like this and if so, anything where there is a viable pregnancy? I so greatly would like to have another child. And have been trying for over 7 years now. Since the surgery, my cycles have definitely gotten more regular (from 3 month cycles to 28-31 day cycles) so I'm hoping this is a sign that I am ovulating right. Any info/stories/experiences are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!
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It's an interesting situation.  If she put dye into the reconnected tube and it went through for sure, there is no reason it wouldn't function.  I wish you good luck!
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I don't think she ran dye but the camera she used for the surgery. I asked immediately after the surgery AND at my followup to be sure I heard right lol. Thank you for the info :)
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