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dollchina ~ just wanted to give you my update on what the levels were. i think they said on Fri that they were 280-something. and yesterday they were 180-something. so i guess that it is good that they are coming down. does this mean i cant get preg until they are back to normal?? how long will it take before they get back to normal?? how are you doing??
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Good morning, it's good that your hcg is coming down.  I think you ovulate after your hcg goes down to >5 and sometimes, you don't ovulate on your 1st cycle.  So, I assume that wasn't your AF last week.  Are you going back to the doc to check your level?  I am not sure how long it will take to go down since everybody is different.  I never got mine checked and I just assume I am ok since I didn't bleed for 3 weeks (your d&c was on the 15th?)  
I am doing ok, Af is no show but I am trying to stay positive.
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Yeah i am going back on Fri. for my 4 week post op. so i think i am going to ask him to order another test to see where i am on Fri. hopefully it falls really fast!!! but who knows. my d/c was on 1/13. i was kinda bummed that it wasnt farther down!! i want to start trying asap!!! i think we are just going to BD and see what happens this month. who knows when/if i will O but i guess we will give it a try! i am going to ask my dr on fri all these questions! i am hoping good things for you!!! you havent had your AF since your d/c right??
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Sounds like your hcg is coming down quite quickly.  DH and I have been doing some bd but I didn't track anything.  Yes, I am still waiting on my AF, it's been 5 weeks today since my d&c.  I am getting a little nervous and irritated.  I am taing a hpt this Sunday if I still don't get my AF.
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i know what you mean about being irritated!!! that is a good word! i was like that last night - so fed up with levels, trying/not trying etc... i think i am going to go with what i want and be done with it! are you counting when you are supposed to get your AF from when your d/c was or when your levels go back to normal? so 4 to 6 weeks after the day of the d/c?
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I know you wont get your af until after your levels hit 0.  It is normal for them to take a while and it sounds like you went almost in half within 3 days so that is good.. so figure by this friday you should be around 90.. and so on and so on.  I tested posive on HPT until 3 weeks 4 days after my D&C.  On the day before my 4 week follow up I FINALLY got my BFN with first morning urine.  SO my next BFP will come from a baby!!  I think i made up my mind and i am going to TTC after this first AF. We are getting close ladies!!! I CAN FEEL THE BABYDUST ON MY FACE!! hahaha
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I wanted to add my thought for the day..

I found out i was pg on 11/28.  It was exactly 5 weeks and 1 day that i knew about my baby.  It has now been 5 weeks since i learned my baby died.  The 5 weeks i was pg went so sloooow.  (anxious for baby to GROW) and the past 5 weeks have FLOWN by.  things are coming in fives.  I was five weeks pregnant when i found out, i was pregnant for 5 weeks, i lost my baby 5 weeks ago.  MAYBE i will be pregnant again in 5 weeks.  :-)
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