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Twins with no heartbeat update

First I want to say thank you to everyone for their kind comments and prayers. They really helped alot.

Today was my return visit to the Radiologist for a second Ultrasound. Unfortunately, at 6 weeks, still no heartbeats from the twins. The doctor is going to schedule a D&C procedure as she doesn't think I will miscarry on my own. I am so torn as to how to feel because so many people and articles have said that a heartbeat might not be present until week 7. They will do another untrasound prior to the procedure.... but if I am to mentally prepare and repair myself and then have news that they're okay? I don't know how to handle this rollercoaster ride.

This was not a planned pregnancy, but I was happy and prepared regardless. Having some troubles with finding out all in the last week and a half that I'm pregnant, having twins, and then have lost them. It's a bit much at such an emotionally fragile state.

Any words of advice?
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I am very sorry you are going through this, I will keep you in my prayers! Please keep us posted.
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I am so sorry you have been given bad news! I would think one of the hardest things right now is the not knowing for sure either way and wanting to make the right decision without the "what ifs". If you can, wait another week before the D&C and that way you will have a better idea if there is any hope for heart beats. I wish I had some advice for you beyond that...I will pray for you!
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Why does the doctor think you won't pass the babies naturally?  Mine told me that unless it took many weeks before anything happened (and they can monitor one's platelets or something to be sure nothing bad is happening to the mommy) I would be fine if I waited to pass my babies naturally.  Certainly if that is generally true for women, your doc can give you at least two weeks before getting procedure-happy.  That will give you more time to come to terms with this, and to have more ultrasounds if you need them to feel sure.  In my case, I had the ultrasound where I got the news, and then one more in two weeks, and by then I was convinced.  And about a week and a half after that, I began to miscarry.  You do have time, I would think, and it would not be unsafe.  Better for you mentally, too, if you are like me.  Good luck, hon.

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I soooo agree w/AnnieBrooke.  She nailed it.  It won't hurt anything to wait.  It will only provide more peace of mind and assurance for you.  I choose not to have the D&C as well, and it took it's course.  It wasn't fun, but it felt better knowing that I didnt' force it.  It took almost three weeks to start bleeding after the baby had died.  Sorry you have to experience this....
Take Care.
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Please keep us posted.  I cannot even begin to imagine your pain!!!  Take care of yourself and let us know....
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I'm sorry that you are going through this.  I lost twins back in April.  Their h/b's were not seen until I was over 7weeks pregnant.  

Did the u/s show any growth to the yolk sacs?  Are their fetal poles?  I would wait on the D&C and ask for another u/s in a week or 1.5 weeks just to confirm there is no h/b's present so that you have a clear understanding of the situation.  I'm not sure why a doctor would say that they don't think you would pass them on your own.  With mine, there were h/b's but they were low and when I had my follow up u/s one of them had started to reabsorb into my body (I know that's hard to hear) but at least I knew it was over. They could also be doing HCG tests to see if the numbers are dropping.

I know this is one of the hardest things you have probably ever gone through and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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