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Update: Bad news, Good news

Bad news: I went to see the specialist and the surgeon today, the battery in the pacer is 100% out.  Because I'm so far along they can't do surgery untill after the baby comes, its too close to where she is, and not worth the risk.  The good news is that I still have my chem-port so I can give iv. nurtrition (TPN), hopefully at home, till Lilly gets here.  If it can't be done at home then I will have to be admitted for the rest of my pregnancy (I'm 6 months now).  After she is here they will do the battery replacement and correct the hernia at the sametime.  I just have to push through this.  Thanks for the support and prayers!
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Sweety you and Little Lilly are always in our daughters prayers at night.  Stay strong and I know you can take anything handed to you.  
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Are there any plans for them to induce/deliver Lilly early?  
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i have a bad memory but i cant remember your situation exactly..as to why you need a bettery etc..also did you have this and know all these complications before you became pregnant or this happened afterwards...i hope all pulls through though for you and your baby's sake..and if i am not mistaken you have a son as well...he needs you both as well...keep your head high..all in all IF they need be...the baby is soon somewhat"safe" to make it through even if she is premature with the help of docs in a wost case scenario so thats one good think to think about right??? keep us posted...
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Thanks for the Valentines wish Brandy!  You are a sweetheart!  Even with all your troubles you do not forget about your friends.  

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: ) Thanks you guys!

I was on the depo shot but still managed to become pregnant.  I knew more kids was a bad idea because I stay so sick, but I was doing what I needed to do to prevent it.  Lilly is unexpected, but truly wanted and loved already.

They want to try to go w/ another vaginal delivery, every time they cut on my stomach it get weaker and weaker, but we'll do what ever we have to do get her here safely.  She may becoming sooner then later.  She is measuring 5 days ahead and I've already had an episode of preterm labor and lots of braxton hicks.  The goal is to try to keep her in till 36 weeks, then its home free, yay!

: ) Happy Valentines day Ladies, I've come to love you all!
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You are on my prayer list. From my mouth to God's ear! Remind her that she is grounded to her womb for now~
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Thanks zaksmommy- and welcome to the MedHelp family!  We can be moody, but most everyone on this forum really do care about eachother.
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I know - we are women! Thank you for the welcome - you girls are really great!
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