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Update on Possible Blighted Ovum!!!!!

Hey ladies, first of all I wanted to say I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!  Awesome.  God is good!
Sunday and Monday I was spotting light pink.  I started worrying because of all the Dr put me through.
I went to the ER last night, they did a VERY thorough Sono and Guess what???!!! They saw my baby with a heartbeat!!!!!  Not a blighted ovum!  They were so mad when I told them what my dr had said about me having a blighted ovum and how she kept pushing for a DNC!  They said it was entirely too early to make such decisions and they wouldn't recommend a sono before 7wks.
ANyhow, I am so tired this morning but it was worth it!  I am probably just rambling...sorry!
I will keep you guys updated!!!!  Again thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
xoxooxxo  Vanessa
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Yipee!!! I am so excited for you.  I had been wondering how you were doing!  That must have been the best feeling ever, seeing that hb!!  When I read your 1st post I couldn't believe your dr. wanted to do a d/c SO early!  Anyway, I hope you have a healthy and wonderful 9 months!!!  Congratulations!!!!
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That is Wonderful!  Drs are quick to operate arent they?  Im glad you and baby are ok!
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Praise God.  That is awsome news, I know the feeling as going through similar with my daughter.  Best wishes and prayers
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Wow! Congrats!  Maybe get a new dr.!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooo happy for you!!
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I only got 4 hrs of sleep last night but I am soooo happy!  Yes I am going to a new Dr on 5/10/07 and he is a Christian dr, very caring.
Oh , I forgot to mention that the spotting I had was due to a UTI...whew!
Thank you ladies!  You ALL ROCK!
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Wow!! That is the best news!! Congratulations!!!!! :)
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That is fantastic!  I am so happy for you!  Take care and keep us posted!!
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So happy for you.  And yes, God is very good.
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I logged on today just to see if there was an update from you!! I am VERY excited to hear that it WASN'T a Blighted Ovum. I KNEW 5 weeks was WAY to early to determine a Blighted Ovum.....


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