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Upset, depressed - positive result from diabetes test

Sorry ladies but I just need a place to vent.  Well I did my 2 hr gloucose tolerance test after I failed the first time and the doc just told me I failed 2 out of the 3 blood tests.  So now she is going to refer me to the diabetes clinic.  I am so frustrated!  I know this is not the time to go dieting but I have no idea what to eat.  I have only gained 15 lbs and I'm 30 weeks along!  Yesterday, after work I looked in my fridge to start cooking for supper and just started crying, I had no idea what to make.  I ended up making some pork chops (comfort food) and vegetables.  I have a 3 yr old so then I had to make him some mashed potatoes and a hot dog so that he would have something to eat.  I have no idea where to even begin to manage my eating.  I never thought I was a bad eater.  There is so much conflicting evidence on the 'diabetes diet' on the internet.  Some say have carbo's but then I hear carbos are the culprit.  UGHHH!  I just don't know where to even begin!  I'm just so hoping this will not affect my baby and she ends up having diabetes.  Ughh... sorry ladies again but I just really need some support and I know I can always go here and someone will listen.  Thanks!
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my friend went through this with her last pregnancy - they sent her to a class at the hospital where she learned what she should/shouldn't eat. She was able to control it w/diet. No fun - but better for you & the baby. Just remember they screen for it so you and your baby can be healthy. in the 70's they didn't - and my Mom lost TWO babies full-term before they figured out she was diabetic. Such a shame.  It will be ok - disappointing news, I know - but this is good info to know!
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I was diabetic with my 1st one and the same thing happened to me.  I was so upset at the tings I could not eat (just on the overwhelming days).  It did get easier--Just stay away from high carb foods and just beacause something says sugar free it does not mean it is carb free.  I was kind of strict with my diet I only gaind 17 lbs my whole pg (8 1/2lb DS).  I ate soups and chicken a lot of the time.  Ham & cheese sandwichs (form Hardess are my favorite) would have it with out the bun--or just the bottom of thebun to limit carbs--The dieatician office should be able to give you a good meal plan to live by for the next 10 weesk--Remember it is only a very short time to go and you will have that helathy little one.
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I hear you girl. I was dealing with the same issue last week, but it turned out that I did past the 3 hour test. Anyway, there should be quiet a few posts from the last two weeks or so and some of them had pretty good suggestions. As the posts above me said, it is just a way of controling your sugar and carb intake. So, you may have to have more eggs for breakfast then cereal or yougurt. You may have to switch to whole wheat bread and pasta if you want to eat that and unfortunatelly, there will be no icecream for you. The good thing is, you only have 10 weeks to go (hoping you are not going to go over) and by the time x-mas rolls in you should be enjoying yourself and your little one. I was lloking into like 13 weeks and I am a carb maniac! Good luck to you!
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Hey there I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies its not that bad. Your 30 weeks so you havent got 2 long to go I picked it up with both pregnancies at 28 weeks its all in my family so I had a good chance of getting it yes your children and you have a chance getting it later in life but it all depends on what your diet is and careful what you feed your children and breastfeeding reduces the chances of your child getting it. You will see a dietition and will gets loads of info on what foods to eat im so craving a chocolate bar but know I havent got long to go.
Foods that are less than 10g sugar per 100g and less than 5g of fat per 100gr are great for you.
Meat and veges for tea or salads with no dressing are great
grainy breads the grainier the better.
Fruits that fit in the palm of your hand I just ate apples mainly.
I guess you will get a list of foods its like being on a diet I have been doing the diet for 6 weeks and have lost 3kg
Good luck I know its a pain but it can be controlled take care.
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Oh yeah and watch the carbs it says in my diet plan to limit it to 1 egg per week while pregnant not sure why for breakfast I eat weetbix with low gi yoghurt and 2 pieces of toast (grainy)
with a little bit of marg and vegemite and that has been great for me and  cheese yum low fat tho good luck again cya:)
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